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Hamas declares victory in Gaza claiming it lost only 48 fighters

Daily Telegraph – A masked gunman from the Islamic group’s armed wing vowed the groups would rearm as its leaders proclaimed it had achieved a holy victory in the confrontation. “We announce to our people the martyrdom of 48 Qassam fighters,” Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades said. The overall death toll of Operation Cast Lead to more than 1,300, including more than 400 children, medics said. Another 5,300 were wounded. Israel reported a death toll of 13. Read Article

Help Ireland or it will exit euro, economist warns

Daily Telegraph – A leading Irish economist has called on Dublin to threaten withdrawal from the euro unless Europe’s big powers do more to rescue Ireland’s economy. Read Article

The Historian – Yeah sure it will. It has no gold reserves anymore as  they all now sit in Frankfurt, and to withdraw would completly bankrupt the nation. Once you’re in there is no way out.

Compact Fluorescent (eco) Bulbs are Making People Sick

Natural News – Compact fluorescent light bulbs are filling home and office environments with dangerous electromagnetic pollution, causing devastating health effects on some people. Neurologists are increasingly taking notice of the headaches and migraines being reported by people exposed to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Read Article

‘Torrent’ of new laws angers one of Britain’s top judges

Daily Mail – One of Britain’s most senior judges delivered a scathing attack yesterday on the ‘ceaseless torrent’ of new laws. Lord Phillips, who is to head the new Supreme Court, said that too much legislation had done nothing to cut crime while laying heavy burdens on judges and the courts. Read Article

US ‘agrees Afghan supply route’

BBC – The US says a new supply path to Afghanistan has been agreed with Central Asian states and Russia as an option to the troubled Pakistan route. Read Article

Barack Obama to open new US era

BBC – Millions of people are gathering in the US capital to see Barack Obama sworn in as America’s 44th president – and its first African-American leader Read Article

The Historian – by the end of his 1st term:
- US troops will still be in Iraq (albeit in permanent bases) in 4 years time
- War will have been fought with at least one of the following: Iran, Syria and North Korea
- Tension will be much higher with Russia in a “2nd Cold War” (great for arms sales however)
- The majority of US citizens will still have no access to affordable healthcare
- The top 1% richest people in the US will own an even bigger proportion of national wealth than they do now (just under 40%)
- There will be even less free speech and civil liberties than there is now in the USA
- Guantanamo Bay will be closed but most of its prisoners will have been transfered to other, less conspicuous army bases, all still outside the law
- The US economy and the dollar will have fallen so far that there will be moves afoot to create a currency union with their NAFTA neighbours, Canada & Mexico, the Amero.
All in all the face may have changed, the presentation may be softer focus, but the agenda will keep marching on.

Gender-bending chemicals in our rivers grow more potent

Daily Mail – The cocktail of gender-bending chemicals entering rivers and streams is more potent and harmful than anyone realised, it has been revealed. Scientists have found an entirely new class of chemicals that is changing male fish into females ““ and which could be contributing to the soaring rate of infertility and defects in men. Read Article

Q&A: the new British bailout package (1 trillion pounds+)

The Times – The Government has promised the banks another £450 million of taxpayers’ money, taking the cost of the bailout to nearly a trillion pounds Read Article

Buffett says U.S. in ‘economic Pearl Harbor’

AP “” Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says the U.S. is engaged in an “economic Pearl Harbor.”In an interview that aired Sunday on Dateline NBC, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway , said the nation’s economic situation is not as bad at World War II or the Great Depression, but it’s still pretty severe. Read Article

Goldman Sees “˜Swift, Violent’ Oil Rally Later in Year

Bloomberg) — Goldman Sachs Group Inc. commodity analyst Jeffrey Currie said he expects a “swift and violent rebound” in energy prices in the second half of the year.  Read Article

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Details Plot to Overthrow Tehran Government

PRESS TV – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has disclosed details about a ‘US-backed’ spy ring which had plans to topple the Tehran government. Read Article

Bad economy makes for more military recruits

MSNBC – Uncle Sam wants you, and in a poor economy, you might want Uncle Sam, too.The Pentagon is hiring, and having less difficulty doing so than in flush economic times. The Army and each of the other branches of the military are meeting or exceeding their goals for signing up recruits, and attracting more qualified people. Read Article

Rioters Were Paid To Provoke the Police in Bulgaria

Bulgarian News Network – The provokers at yesterday’s anti-government protest turned into riots were hired and paid 300 leva (EUR150) to start fights with the police and ruin the peaceful march, DeltaNews reports on Thursday, quoting rumors. Read Article

The Historian – Read The Ten Steps To A Closed Society on the left hand side of this page

‘Memory pill’ that could help with exam revision could be available soon

Daily Telegraph – A “memory pill” that could aid exam revision and help to prevent people forgetting important anniversaries may soon be available over the counter. Read Article

The Historian – Will you remember just how much profit this will generate for pharmaceutical companies? But I’m sure they are doing it for the best of intentions. I wonder in “A Brave New World” will be on the exam revision list?

Paint cities white to tackle global warming, scientist says

Daily Telegraph – Roads and buildings should be painted white in order to tackle global warming, according to a scientist. Read Article

The Historian – And how much research funding would you like for this Mr Mad Scientist?

North Korea steps up warnings against South

Reuters – North Korea, which analysts suspect is trying harder to grab the attention of incoming U.S. president Barack Obama, on Tuesday accused the South of driving the divided peninsula back into war. Read Article

U.S. military kills 22 militants in Afghanistan

Reuters – U.S.-led coalition forces killed 22 militants, including two Taliban commanders, during a series of operations in Afghanistan, the U.S. military said on Tuesday. Read Article

China ‘wants strong links to US’

BBC – China has called for a stronger military relationship with the US. “In this new period we hope that both China and the US could make joint efforts to create favourable conditions,” a defence spokesman said. Read Article

The Historian – Because otherwise in about 20 years time we are going to have to kick your ass

Arab countries pledge $2 billion aid for Gaza

Radio Netherlands – Arab leaders have promised two billion dollars in aid for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip following Israel’s offensive of the last three weeks. Meeting in Kuwait, Arab countries have attempted to agree a common line on the latest fighting in Gaza. Read Article

The Historian – These are the same leaders who have so far only handed over about 10% of the aid they promised Lebanon after their Israeli invasion in 2007

Gaza rebuild ‘to cost billions’

BBC – Rebuilding the Gaza Strip after Israel’s three-week offensive will cost billions of dollars, the UN has warned. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been left homeless and 400,000 people still have no running water, it says. Read Article

At least 40 al-Qaeda operatives have been killed by the Black Death

The Sun – ANTI-TERROR bosses last night hailed their latest ally in the war on terror “” the BLACK DEATH. At least 40 al-Qaeda fanatics died horribly after being struck down with the disease that devastated Europe in the Middle Ages. The killer bug, also known as the plague, swept through insurgents training at a forest camp in Algeria, North Africa. It came to light when security forces found a body by a roadside.  Read Article

The Historian – What is a tad more likely that there is some low level biological warfare going on…. or alternatively the article is part of a psych-ops campaign to demoralise the enemy & put off new recruits. Plus there is a lot of debate as to whether the Black Death itself actually was Bubonic Plague. Though the symptoms described in the rather vague documentary sources do seem similar the speed of the infections spread globally are far faster than would be attributed to bubonic plague which relies on the infected rats to die first thus forcing the fleas to find a new host.