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GOOGLE wants to monitor your electric usage

International Herald Tribune – Google will announce its entry Tuesday into the small but growing business of “smart grid,” digital technologies that seek to both keep the electrical system on an even keel and reduce electrical energy consumption. Read Article

US military officials threatened to “ruin” the AP if it covered the war in Iraq in unflattering ways

Harpers – In an important speech delivered at the University of Kansas, Associated Press head Tom Curley charged that the Bush Pentagon had systematically targeted and mistreated journalists as a part of a propaganda program developed by Donald Rumsfeld. Read Article

Hospitals Flush 250 Million Pounds of Expired Drugs Into Public Sewers Every Year

Natural News – The Associated Press (AP) estimates that hospitals and long-term medical care institutions across the United States are dumping 250 million pounds of pharmacologically active drugs directly into public sewer systems each year. Read Article

Arizona tracking prescription drug users

AP – Arizona has launched a new computer database that tracks prescription drug usage. The information is stored in a state-managed, centralized database that can be accessed by doctors and pharmacists around the state. Read Article

Bullion sales hit record in rush to safety

Financial Times – Investors are buying record amounts of gold bars and coins, shunning risky assets for the relative safety of bullion amid renewed fears about the health of the global financial system. Read Article

State-owned banks set to be sued by bankers over denial of bonuses

Daily Telegraph – State-owned banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Rock face being sued for millions of pounds by bankers who have been denied bonuses, it has been reported.  Read Article

UN moves to charge Israel with war crimes

Press TV – The United Nations moves to set up a commission to look into Israeli war crimes and respond to its human rights violations in Gaza. After the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) compound became the target of GPS-guided Israeli mortars on January 15, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned “in the strongest terms this outrageous attack” and called for an inquiry into suspected Israeli war crimes. Read Article

Students are revolting: The spirit of ’68 is reawakening

The Independent – They are the iPod generation of students: politically apathetic, absorbed by selfish consumerism, dedicated to a few years of hedonism before they land a lucrative job in the City. Not any more. A seismic change is taking place in British universities. Around the UK, thousands of students have occupied lecture theatres, offices and other buildings at more than 20 universities in sit-down protests. It seems that the spirit of 1968 has returned to the campus. Read Article

Big Pharma Wants to Medicate Healthy People

Daily Telegraph – Millions of healthy people with no obvious sign of illness could be put on cholesterol-lowering drugs, Britain’s heart “tsar” has signalled, as new research showed that they cut the chance of heart attack by almost a half. Read Article

Deadly attacks hit Afghan capital

BBC – Two government buildings in the Afghan capital, Kabul, have come under attack from suicide attackers and gunmen. Two suicide bombers killed 10 people and wounded 30 at an office of the prisons directorate in the north of the city, a senior official told the BBC. Read Article

Afghans ‘urgently need US troops’

BBC – US military chief Adm Mike Mullen says more American troops are needed urgently in Afghanistan Read Article

Obese mothers ‘risk spina bifida’

BBC – Mothers-to-be who are obese increase their odds of having a baby with abnormalities including spina bifida, researchers say.  Read Article

$3 trillion! _ Senate, Fed, Treasury attack crisis

AP – On a single day filled with staggering sums, the Obama administration, Federal Reserve and Senate attacked the deepening economic crisis Tuesday with actions that could throw as much as $3 trillion more in government and private funds into the fight against frozen credit markets and rising joblessness. Read Article

Bank bosses from RBS and HBOS apologise for crisis that led to £37billion bail-out

Daily Telegraph – Four bank bosses from Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS have apologised unreservedly for the crisis which forced the Government to bail out the banks with £37 billion of taxpayers’ money and admitted to making mistakes. Read Article

The Historian – Sorry is a damn sight cheaper word than 38 billion pounds however

RBS to axe 2,300 jobs.. but still plans to pay out £1bn in bonuses to bankers

Daily Mail – Royal Bank of Scotland is axing 2,300 workers as a result of the recession, it emerged yesterday. Around 2 per cent of its 106,000-strong UK workforce will go, mostly from back-office and administration. It comes on top of 3,000 cuts announced in October. The fresh cutbacks will be embarrassing for the Government, coming despite a £20billion bailout which put just under 70 per cent of RBS in public hands. Bosses provoked anger last week by revealing plans to give up to £1billion in bonuses to top performing staff, while the group prepares to report a loss of as much as £28billion for 2008. Read Article

Revenge of the whistleblower: HBOS executive sacked and gagged for warning of disaster reveals truth to MPs

Daily Mail – One of Gordon Brown’s top advisers was accused last night of sacking a whistleblower who warned that banks were heading for disaster. Sir James Crosby, currently deputy chairman of the Financial Services Authority, was the chief executive of HBOS at the time. The man he sacked, Paul Moore, took his revenge in evidence to a Commons committee. He said Sir James was the ‘original architect’ of the strategy that led HBOS into near-collapse.  Read Article

Revealed: The true horror of everyday life in Zimbabwe

The Guardian – A Guardian film smuggled out of Zimbabwe brings home the economic devastation and deprivation Robert Mugabe has wreaked upon his own people. With Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader, preparing to take up the post of prime minister in a unity government, Sam Chakaipa, at considerable risk to himself and as an act of resistance, returned clandestinely to his village, 125 miles from Harare, to document the plight of his former neighbours. Read Article

Green light for Australian Internet Censorship trials

The Australian – THE federal Government’s controversial live ISP filtering trial will finally kick-off with six internet service providers chosen to participate. Primus Telecommunications, Tech 2U, Webshield, OMNIconnect, Netforce and Highway 1 have been selected. The live tests will last for a minimum of six weeks and the ISPs’ customers have the option of taking part in the trial. The pilot aims to investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of a mandatory internet filtering scheme — a key election pledge by Labor.  Read Article

Chavez says foes trying to spur ‘religious war’

President Hugo Chavez accused Venezuela’s opposition and privately-owned media on Tuesday of attempting to incite “a religious war” by unjustly accusing his government of fomenting anti-Semitism following an attack on a synagogue.

Read article

Polemic: Is this another false flag exercise to topple a democratically elected government that a) defies USA interventionist policy b) is developing strong ties with nations who are not US allies c) is a leading change-agent in South America d) is redistributing wealth and power away from the elite and returning it to the people?

Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to Sway World Opinion

AP – As it fights two wars, the Pentagon is steadily and dramatically increasing the money it spends to win what it calls “the human terrain” of world public opinion. In the process, it is raising concerns of spreading propaganda at home in violation of federal law. An Associated Press investigation found that over the past five years, the money the military spends on winning hearts and minds at home and abroad has grown by 63 percent, to at least $4.7 billion this year, according to Department of Defense budgets and other documents. That’s almost as much as it spent on body armor for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006 Read