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Olmert warns Iran over nuclear plant

AFP – Israel’s outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert shot a thinly-veiled warning at Iran on Thursday after its arch-enemy announced the completion of its first nuclear power plant.  Read Article

How to Slash World Cancer Rates By 90 Percent: Healthy Foods, Exercise and Vitamin D

NaturalNews –  Although you won’t hear this from the cancer industry or the drug companies that profit from cancer, there’s an easy, low-cost and remarkably safe way to slash cancer rates around the world by about one-third, says the World Cancer Research Fund: Promote healthy foods and exercise! (http://www.wcrf-uk.org) According to research just released by the WCRF, simple changes in diet and exercise can prevent nearly 40 percent of breast and pancreatic cancers, 36 percent of lung cancers, over 60 percent of mouth cancers, a quarter of kidney cancers and 45 percent of bowel cancers. Remarkably, these results were achieved without any mention of vitamin D! By adding vitamin D to the mix, which by itself has been demonstrated to prevent an astonishing 77 percent of all cancers (http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.html), cancer prevention rates approaching 90 percent overall can be easily achieved. Read Article

A “residual U.S. force” of around 50,000 will remain in Iraq

Newsday – Some of the U.S. forces likely to remain in Iraq after President Barack Obama fulfills his pledge to withdraw combat troops would still have a combat role fighting suspected terrorists, the Pentagon said yesterday. Obama plans to announce his withdrawal strategy as early as tomorrow. He is expected to choose a compromise 19-month plan that leaves behind as many as 50,000 troops for cleanup and protection operations. Although most of the fighting forces would be withdrawn within 18 months, some of those units could be in Iraq for years to come. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that a holdover, or “residual,” force would number in the tens of thousands. Read Article

Manual lays out US Army hopes for electronic warfare

AP “” For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the Army is updating its manual for the electronic battlefield. The new 112-page Army doctrine on electronic warfare, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, was produced at Fort Leavenworth and will be released Thursday at an Army conference in Florida. Read Article

Our lifestyles are killing us: Poor diets, drinking and lack of exercise blamed for 78,000 UK cancer cases a year

Daily Mail – Almost 78,000 Britons develop cancer needlessly each year because of their unhealthy lifestyles. Researchers found that they could have avoided the disease by eating better, drinking less alcohol and exercising more. The report by the World Cancer Research Fund put Britain bottom of the four countries surveyed. Record levels of drinking, growing obesity and sedentary behaviour are blamed for Britain having the highest proportion of preventable cancers.  Read Article

Indigenous people in legal challenge against oil firms over tar sand project

The Guardian – British oil firms are facing a legal battle over exploitation of the huge Canadian tar sand fields with indigenous people who claim the industry is ruining their traditional lands. The Co-operative Bank will announce today that it is to fund a legal challenge by the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, which claims the boom in tar sands extraction is destroying their hunting and fishing lands. The court challenge calls for an injunction to stop more than 16,000 permits issued by the Alberta state government and, if successful, could dramatically reduce or even stop what has been described as a modern day “gold rush” for the oil, spurred by the expectation of high long-term oil prices. Read Article

Mining Company Accused Of Endangering Workers

NPR News – Federal prosecutors say chemical company W.R. Grace knowingly endangered the health of workers at its min in Libby, Mont. Read Article & Listen to Radio Item

US cracks down on Sinaloa drug cartel as Mexico sends in the army

The Times – One of Mexico’s most feared drug cartels has been brought to its knees in the US after a sweep of 755 arrests “” 52 of them this week “” according to Barack Obama’s new Attorney-General. Eric Holder, appointed America’s law chief three weeks ago, said federal agents would continue their crackdown on Mexico’s cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy and methamphetamine trade until all of the country’s ruthless and politically connected smuggling organisations were wiped out. Within hours of the announcement, Mexico said that it was sending another 5,000 troops into the lawless border town of Ciudad Juárez. Read Article

The Historian – Soon the Mexican Army will start losing this war. Refugees in their hundred’s of thousands will flood north across the Rio Grande and will get incarcerated into the already build chain of FEMA camps across the southern US. Then the US army will have to go south to “help out”. The North American Union’s birth willbe underway.

ASEAN summit underway, human rights body criticised

ABC – ASEAN foreign ministers are discussing how to set up a human rights body as they meet in the Thai resort town of Hua Hin. The human rights body is one of the requirements of the newly enacted ASEAN charter and aims to promote and protect human rights. But civil society groups are sceptical about how the body will work because of the central ASEAN platform that countries do not interfere in each other’s business. The economy and trade are also on the agenda, including a Free Trade Area agreement, which Australia and New Zealand will sign with ASEAN.  Read Article

Hungary on edge of bankruptcy

Daily Telegraph – Hungary is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy with its citizens struggling to pay off mortages and personal loans taken out in foreign currency during one of the post-Communist era’s most exhuberant booms. Read Article

Princeton Physicist Tells Congress Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’ – Increase ‘Will Be Good for Mankind’


Business & Media Institute – When former Vice President Al Gore said the science was settled on the issue of global warming before Congress in 2007, he might have meant it was settled as far as people that he would allow to work for him.

Dr. William Happer, currently a professor of Physics at Princeton University, was once fired by Al Gore at the Department of Energy in 1993 for disagreeing with the vice president on the effects of ozone to humans and plant life, also disagrees with Gore’s claim that manmade carbon dioxide (CO2) increases the temperature of the earth and is a threat to mankind. Happer appeared before the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee on Feb. 25 and explained CO2 is in short-supply in relative terms of the history of the planet.

“Many people don’t realize that over geological time, we’re really in a CO2 famine now. Almost never has CO2 levels been as low as it has been in the Holocene [geologic epoch] ““ 280 [parts per million (ppm)] ““ that’s unheard of,” Happer said. “Most of the time, it’s at least 1,000 [ppm] and it’s been quite higher than that.” Read Article

Scientists uncover oldest words in English

ABC – The oldest words in the English language include “I” and “who”, while words like “dirty” could die out relatively quickly, British researchers say. Scientists at Reading University in southern England have used a supercomputer called ThamesBlue to model the evolution of words in English and the wider family of Indo-European languages over the last 30,000 years. They say that the most commonly-used words – which also include the numbers two, three and five – tend to be the oldest and change most slowly over time. Read Article

Internet firms set to track and cash in on surfing habits of 11million customers

Daily Mail – A system that will allow Britain’s biggest internet firms to record and cash in on their customers’ surfing habits could go live later this year. BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are all considering launching Webwise, which would track the internet pages that their 11million customers visit. The system creates an anonymous profile of a surfer’s interests, which is then used by retailers and others to target them with related adverts. Computer users linked to Webwise find that certain sites they visit will automatically show advertisements related to their profile.  Read Article

The U.S. company behind the system – Phorm – insists it is far less intrusive than the existing tracking and profiling of surfers that is carried out by internet search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

Bank of England Governor: ‘Impossible to say’ how much capital needed to shore up banking system

Daily Telegraph – Mr King said it would take “many months” to establish the scale of toxic assets held by banks, and the scale of problems would change depending on the international economic outlook. Giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee, Mr King said it was vital to “find out what is really on the balance sheets of our major banks”. “That is not something that is easy to do or can be done quickly,” he told the MPs. “It will require a much longer and more detailed assessment contract by contract.” He went on: “It will certainly take many months in my view.” Mr King said the state of the global economy would have a huge impact on the situation of struggling UK financial institutions. “How much capital banks will need in the end is impossible to tell,” he added. Read Article

9/11 Truth & Diana Murder Activist Found Washed Up Dead On Beach

Portsmouth News – Police are investigating after the body of a man was discovered in the sea off Southsea seafront. The body of 44-year-old Paul Vigay was discovered in the sea at Eastney on Friday morning. Police said Mr Vigay, of Manners Road, Southsea, had been reported missing at 11pm on Thursday night. Read Article
The Historian – Quote from his website:”˜We must NEVER allow governments to restrict the internet or to erode freedom and democracy, especially after 9/11, the London bombings and other manipulated world events. Indeed, every day Western governments are moving towards an Orwellian “˜big brother’ state where individuals are presumed guilty until proven innocent. We must stop this agenda. www.vigay.com/” . Vigay.com was also allegedly the first website to reveal the involvement of the Fiat Uno in Princess Diana’s murder.’ .

Obama backs Moon return in NASA budget

New Scientist – NASA will stay on track to return humans to the Moon by 2020, according to an overview of President Obama’s 2010 budget request released on Thursday.Recently, various groups – including Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the space advocacy group the Planetary Society – have called for NASA to send astronauts to new destinations, such as asteroids. But the budget request backs a plan developed under the Bush administration to retire the space shuttle by 2010 and develop a system to return humans to the Moon by 2020. Read Article

The Historian – That is assuming that man has been there (personally) before and it just wasn’t an elaborate hoax to ensure that the Russian’s (who had previously won ever other “1st”) didn’t win the space race

Ministry of Defence: wars of the future will pit machine against machine

The Times – The front line in the wars of the future will be machines. A massive, unmanned air force will scour the skies over a city, while robots will patrol the streets, quickly discriminating between an enemy carrying a gun and a civilian carrying a child. Only then will human beings arrive, protected by fast armoured vehicles that are half the weight of today’s tanks but just as strong and ground troops who will have robot mules carrying their equipment for them. This was the vision of the future set out by the Ministry of Defence as it launched its Defence Technology Plan (DTP) on Wednesday. The plan is a wish list of cutting-edge battlefield kit that the government wants businesses, academics and inventors to create for a new, high-tech armed forces. Read Article

It is time to resist the UK Big Brother state

The Guardian – David Omand’s national security strategy report shows us we have a very short time to save society from tyranny. “Once an individual has been assigned a unique index number, it is possible to accurately retrieve data across numerous databases and build a picture of that individual’s life that was not authorised in the original consent for data collection,” says Sir David Omand in a report for the Institute for Public Policy research. This is not some wild fantasy. It is the world that we are about to move into and which Jack Straw’s coroners and justice bill, the ID Cards Act, RIPA laws and the EBorders scheme have patiently constructed while we have been living in an idiots’ paradise of easy money. Read Article

UK Foreign Sec faces high court battle in UK over Gaza rights

The Guardian – The foreign secretary, David Miliband, has acted “in flagrant and continuing breach of international law” in failing to suspend arms exports to Israel, the high court will be told. In what is thought to be the first legal challenge resulting from Israel’s operation in Gaza, lawyers representing more than 30 Palestinian families have accused Miliband, along with the ministers for defence and business, of acting illegally by failing to suspend arms sales and government assistance after alleged Israeli human rights violations. Read Article

Britain admits rendition of prisoners from Iraq

Reuters – Britain’s defense minister made an unusual public apology on Thursday, admitting Britain had taken part in the “rendition” of suspects detained in Iraq after denying it for years. In a lengthy statement to parliament, Defense Secretary John Hutton confirmed that Britain handed over two suspects captured in Iraq in 2004 to U.S. custody and that they were subsequently transferred to Afghanistan, breaching U.S.-British agreements. Read Artice

Iran slams Obama government at U.N.

Reuters – Iran went on the offensive against the Obama administration on Thursday, accusing Washington’s new U.N. ambassador of making the “same tired” accusations against Iran as the Bush administration. In a speech to the Security Council during a session on Iraq, U.S. envoy Susan Rice reiterated charges of Iranian support for terrorism and attempts to develop nuclear weapons, saying the United States sought an end to both policies. Read Article

Report card grim for Australia’s birdlife

The Australian – A FIVE-yearly report card on Australia’s birdlife has found more species are in decline as habitat is developed. Graeme Hamilton, chief executive of Birds Australia, warned that various bird species would be wiped out from many areas during this century. “It’s a fairly bleak picture,” Dr Hamilton said at the report’s launch at Parliament House. The findings were a concern because birds were a good indicator of general environmental health and because Australians liked birds.  Read Article