Poll Indicates More People Skeptical of Man-Made Climate Change Theory

American Spectator = Rasmussen has done another poll of registered voters about their views on global warming, just three months after a surprise revelation that more believe that natural causes drive climate than humans. Here are the findings reported Friday: Climate change caused by planetary trends: 48%, Climate changed caused by human activity: 34%, Other reason: 7%, Aren’t sure: 11%. Compare that to responses reported on January 19: Climate change caused by planetary trends: 44% , Climate changed caused by human activity: 41% , Other reason: 7%Aren’t sure: 9%. So in the space of just three months, the percentage of those polled who believe humans drive climate change dropped seven percentage points from an already low 41 percent, while those who are confident that natural causes influence climate more increased by four percentage points. If this represented an actual election it would be called a landslide of historic proportions. I mean really “” only one-third of people believe humans are the chief cause of climate change Read Article

The Historian – And this despite the biggest PR campaign in history to promote the world’s largest cult

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