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Israel threatens to shoot international activists in Gaza

Press TV – The postwar humanitarian crisis in Gaza takes a turn for the worse with the Israeli Navy intercepting a relief ship headed toward the coastal strip. A group of 21 activists sailing to Gaza said Tuesday that Israeli forces had threatened to gun down their boat unless they changed direction. “There is a patrol boat around us and we were told that if we did not turn back they would open fire,” Reuters quoted Irish activist Derek Graham as saying. “We are continuing our course to Gaza,” he added. Read Article

‘Education systems too narrow’: Sir Ken Robinson

[7.30 Report, ABC] KERRY O’BRIEN, PRESENTER: Kevin Rudd’s promised education revolution was a key part of his election victory, an agenda that includes benchmarking schools and raising teacher standards. But a leading expert on education, creativity and innovation who advises governments and major global corporations says that most education systems around the world are still modelled on the needs of the industrial age, and if anything, are getting even narrower. Sir Ken Robinson chaired a high-powered commission for the Blair Government to define an education strategy for the future. He’s since been knighted for services to the education and the arts. Sir Ken Robinson has just written a book called ‘The Element’ which draws on the stories of a wide range of very successful people whose talents went unnoticed at school. Read Article

FDA Scientists Warn About Bleeding Risk of Bayer’s Blood-Thinning Drug

NaturalNews - The FDA has publicly released documents from science reviewers expressing concern over the blood-thinning drug rivaroxaban, marketed by Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) as Xarelto in Canada and Europe. The drug has yet to receive regulatory approval in the United States, but an application is pending. The pill, introduced as a competitor to Sanofi-Aventis’ injectable drug Lovenox (enoxaparin), is indicated for once-a-day short term use in order to prevent blood clots following hip- or knee-replacement surgeries. A series of randomized clinical trials (RECORD) on a total of 6,183 participants found Xarelto to be just effective as Lovenox, if not more so, but also that it was twice as likely to cause bleeding. Read article

Ladybird ‘risk to 1,000 species’

BBC  - The Harlequin ladybird is putting over 1,000 species in the UK in peril, scientists have warned. “The rate of spread is dramatic and unprecedented,” said Dr Helen Roy of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. The ladybird has spread to most parts of the UK in just four years, preying on many other insects.  Read Article

Scottish politicians seek answers as cervical cancer vaccine fears grow

The Scotsman – THE Scottish Government has been challenged to explain why it introduced the cervical cancer vaccination programme in a series of questions by MSPs. Conservative health spokesman Mary Scanlon has submitted four parliamentary questions to Health Minister Shona Robison after meeting with a Scottish representative from the International Coalition of Advocates for the People (ICAP). Earlier this month, The Scotsman revealed more than 150 girls in Scotland have suffered adverse reactions after receiving the vaccine, introduced last autumn. It is being given to all girls in S2 and to girls in S5 and S6 in a catch-up programme. Read Article

‘US forces attempt to hijack Iranian oil field’ – Iranian Officials

Press TV – American forces have attempted to take over an Iranian oil field near the country’s western border with Iraq, a security official says. “US forces backed by tanks entered the Mousian area of the Dehloran County, laying around 100 meters of pipeline in Iranian territory,” the source, talking on condition of anonymity, said Monday.  Read Article

UK economy shrinking at fastest rate in more than 50 years

The Guardian – The current recession is even deeper than had been thought – and started more than a year ago – as statisticians today revised the drop in national income in the first quarter of the year to 2.4%, the biggest fall since 1958.The annual drop in output in the January to March period is now said to be an all-time record of 4.9%, fresh Office for National Statistics figures showed.Economists had expected a downward revision to the initial estimate of a 1.9% drop in gross domestic product, because of a recent revision to construction sector output. But the new figures are much worse than expected. Read Article

UN rights mission hears of Gaza children’s suffering

AFP “” A UN human rights mission listened to testimony about the suffering of children in the Gaza Strip on Monday before wrapping up two days of public hearings into alleged Israeli war crimes.Around 20 percent of children in Gaza suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome brought on by witnessing violent acts, child psychologist Dr Iyad Sarraj told the panel.”The amount of killing and blood that they have seen or that their relatives have suffered from… it’s a huge amount, and this leads to negative psychological feelings, to radicalism and a cycle of violence,” he said.More than half of Gaza’s population of 1.5 million is under 18 years of age. Read Article

Babies born by ceasarean more prone to asthma, study finds

Daily Telegraph – Babies born by caesarean section undergo genetic changes which make them more susceptible to developing diseases including asthma and diabetes, a new study shows. Scientists say that the higher levels of stress experienced by children during the operation could be responsible for the changes. They found that the babies have important differences in their white blood cells, a crucial part of the immune system. Read Article

Banned Pakistani groups ‘expand’

BBC – Militant groups banned in Pakistan are expanding operations and recruitment in Pakistani-run Kashmir, according to a government report seen by the BBC. The observations are from a detailed secret report submitted to the region’s government on the groups’ activities in the city of Muzaffarabad and elsewhere. Pakistan banned the groups in 2002 after an attack on India’s parliament brought the two states close to war.  Read Article

Iraqis rejoice as U.S. troops leave Baghdad

Reuters – U.S. troops pulled out of Baghdad on Monday, triggering jubilation among Iraqis hopeful that foreign military occupation is ending six years after the invasion to depose Saddam Hussein.Iraqi soldiers paraded through the streets in their American-made vehicles draped with Iraqi flags and flowers, chanting, dancing and calling the pullout a “victory.” There are still some 130,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Read Article

Rival parties unite in France against resurgent Far Right

The Times – France’s main political parties joined forces yesterday in an attempt to stop Jean Marie Le Pen’s far-right National Front conquering its first town for more than a decade after it swept the field in a first-round vote in the Pas-de-Calais area. President Sarkozy’s centre-right UMP and the Socialist Opposition called for unity against the Front in Hénin-Beaumont, a depressed town of 25,000 in the region where Marine Le Pen, the leader’s daughter, has her base. Ms Le Pen, 40, her party’s No 2, savoured the prospect of a victory that would give the party a respite in its decline since her father, 81, contested the run-off against Jacques Chirac in the 2002 presidential election. Read Article

Stress Puts Double Whammy On Reproductive System, Fertility

Science Daily – University of California, Berkeley, researchers have found what they think is a critical and, until now, missing piece of the puzzle about how stress causes sexual dysfunction and infertility. Scientists know that stress boosts levels of stress hormones – glucocorticoids such as cortisol – that inhibit the body’s main sex hormone, gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), and subsequently suppresses sperm count, ovulation and sexual activity. The new research shows that stress also increases brain levels of a reproductive hormone named gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone, or GnIH, discovered nine years ago in birds and known to be present in humans and other mammals. Read Article

Iran upholds Ahmadinejad victory, says matter closed

Reuters – Iran confirmed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president and said a row over his June 12 re-election was over, leaving opponents who cried foul with few options.Iran’s top legislative body, the Guardian Council, said a partial recount on Monday had disproved complaints of irregularities by pro-reform opponents, who said the count was inadequate and that only annulling the election would do. Read Article

Utah’s bees dying out

ABC 4 News - Twenty-five-percent of the honey bees in Utah died in the past year, part of a unexplained national epidemic. Researchers don’t know why so many bees keep dying…but they think having more back yard hobby hives will help. “This right here is the honey…you can see it dripping out,” said Salt Lake resident Chris Rodesch. Rodesch started keeping bees in his back yard two years ago. “It’s a really good way to get in touch and expand your garden for example,” Read Article

Fraudster Madoff gets 150 years

BBC -Bernard Madoff has been given the maximum prison sentence of 150 years for masterminding a massive fraud that robbed investors of $65bn (£40bn). The sentence, which means Madoff will spend the rest of his life in jail, was greeted with cheers and applause in the packed courtroom. US District Judge Denny Chin said he wanted to send a message that Madoff’s crimes were “extraordinarily evil”. Read Article

Obama to fund anti-govt. elements in Iran: Report

Press TV - US President Barack Obama is re-branding a Bush-era plan to fund anti-government Iran-based elements through domestic and foreign entities, a report says. The Obama White House has apparently refused to act on the former administration’s decision to allocate USD 66 million to Iranian dissidents, devising a new approach instead, USA TODAY reported on Friday. His team has demanded that an additional USD 15 million be pumped into the Near Eastern Regional Democracy Initiative which addresses related issues in the region. Read Article

Rudd defends consumer protection website axing – favours corporate ‘self-regulation’

Sky News - Kevin Rudd’s denied the government has abandoned supermarket shoppers by dumping the Grocery Choice website. The website was scrapped on Friday, five days before it was due to be launched under the control of Choice. The consumer group’s been critical of the decision and even more critical of government suggestions that supermarket chains themselves could operate a website giving price comparisons. Read Article

Ireland commissioner says most EU countries would reject Lisbon Treaty

Daily Telegraph - Ireland’s EU Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, has conceded that voters in most EU countries would reject the stalled Lisbon Treaty. His admission came as Brian Cowen, the Irsih prime minister, was set to announce 2 October as the date when Ireland holds its second referendum on the document.The treaty, which proposes the first full-time President of the European Council, is highly contentious and was rejected by the Irish in a referendum in June last year. But current opinion polls suggest the Irish will vote Yes this time. Read Article

The Historian – Isn’t it lucky for the New World Order that only the Irish are still democratic enough to ask their people…..albeit over and over again until they answer “correctly”

Race for flu vaccine as Australian death toll rises

ABC - Australian scientists are continuing their race to find a swine flu vaccine as the deadly virus claimed another two victims today. Melbourne researchers hope to start clinical trials of a vaccine as early as next month, while the University of Queensland is claiming a major breakthrough.The latest deaths, both in Victoria, have brought the total number of swine flu-related fatalities in Australia to seven.One was a 50-year-old man who was also being treated for cancer.The other was an 85-year-old who was in hospital for a range of medical conditions. Read Article

The Historian – Sad as this is, it needs to be put into context. On average 9 Australians a day die from one form of flu or another. Every single victim so far had other serious medical issues already. The virus has infected a large proportion of the population and is generally viewed as a mild type of flu. But hell where’s the pharmaceutical sales in that?

Ambush kills 12 Pakistan troops

BBC - Taliban militants have ambushed a Pakistani military convoy and killed 12 soldiers, the army says. The attack happened in North Waziristan, near the Afghan border, when militants fired rocket-propelled grenades at several vehicles.The attack came as authorities in North West Frontier Province offered a reward for information leading to the capture of the country’s Taliban commander. Read Article

MPs condemn police tactics at G20 protest

The Guardian - Untrained officers must never again be put in the frontline of policing public protests, according to a highly critical MPs’ report on the G20protests published today.The conclusion from the Commons home affairs select committee inquiry into the G20 protests of April 1 follows admissions from senior Metropolitan police officers that some inexperienced officers, who were clearly quite scared, used “inappropriate force”.The report by the cross-party group of MPs says they “cannot condone the use of untrained, inexperienced officers on the frontline of a publicprotest under any circumstances”. Read Article

At least 85 sharia ‘courts’ operating in Britain, says Civitas report

Daily Telegraph - A study by the thinktank found that scores of unofficial tribunals and councils regularly apply Islamic law to resolve domestic, marital and business disputes, many operating in mosques. It led to claims of a “creeping” acceptance of sharia principles in British law, but the Muslim Council of Britain dismissed the report as “scaremongering Read Article

Eczema Patients Most At Risk For Dangerous Viral Infections

Science Daily - Eczema patients at risk for serious viral infections have more severe disease, are more likely to be allergic to food and other allergens, and have a frequent history of staph infections, according to researchers at National Jewish Health and other institutions in the NIH-funded Atopic Dermatitis Vaccinia Network. Read Article

Hugo Chavez threatens military action in Honduras after coup

Daily Telegraph - Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President, says he has put troops on alert after a coup in Honduras and threatened military action to protect his country’s diplomats in the country. Chavez said Honduran soldiers took away the Cuban ambassador and left the Venezuelan ambassador on the side of a road after beating him during the army’s coup against his leftist ally, Manuel Zelaya, the Honduran President. The Honduran army ousted Zelaya and exiled him in Central America’s first military coup since the Cold War, after he upset the army by trying to win re-election. Read Article

The Historian – The latest in a long line of CIA orchestrated coups in South & Central America to oust left wing (anti-corporate interests) Presidents?