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UK to Spend £100m on Supporting GM Crops for World’s Poor

The Guardian – Britain is planning to quietly spend up to £100m on support for genetically modified crops for the world’s poor despite not having allowed any of the controversial foods to be grown commercially at home. A new white paper shows the government is committed to dramatically increasing spending on high-tech agriculture in the next five years, much of which will be on GM crop research. Biofortified crops, containing added vitamins, will receive £80m of development money, £60m will go on researching drought-resistant maize for Africa and a further £24m will be spent on pest resistance. In addition, support for an international network of GM crop research stations, in collaboration with GM companies, will be doubled. A further tranche of UK aid will go to a research initiative backed by the GM crop firm Syngenta, which is developing a strain of rice modified to increase vitamin A. Read Article

The Historian – Spreading Monstanto & Co’s poison worldwide courtesy of the UK taxpayer.

US holds 1,000th lethal injection execution

Daily Telegraph – A man who went on a 1992 Christmas holiday killing spree that left six people dead, including an 18-year-old mother gunned down at a pay phone, was executed on Tuesday, the 1,000th execution by lethal injection in the US since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Read Article

Sweden takes EU presidency, announces priorities

New American - Sweden assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union Wednesday and immediately announced the nation’s top priorities: the economic crisis and the war on “global warming.”Â Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt also emphasized the need for strong leadership at a press conference.  Sweden’s ascent, the first time it has held the position since 2001, follows the Czech Republic’s six month stint at the helm. It will give the nation the opportunity to lead the work of the European council. The nation’s foreign minister, Bilderberg-attendee Carl Bildt, stressed the importance of maintaining diplomatic relations with Iran and keeping embassy staff safe. “We have a dialogue now with Iran where we are underlining that there is a mutual interest to maintain full diplomatic relations,” he said. “That’s an ongoing dialogue where we are showing both European strength and solidarity.” Read Article

Australian Internet filter danger

Courier Mail - REMEMBER the images of German soldiers marching through the Arc de Triomphe after conquering Paris during World War II? Or those grainy black-and-white photographs from May 1933 when the Nazis embarked on their campaign of burning all books considered to be subversive? Do you recall the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984? Perhaps the burning books in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? Welcome to Australia in the 21st century, where totalitarian history meets science-fiction and dark political satire. Welcome to the Rudd Government’s internet filter.Like most authoritarian pogroms, the internet filter is being sold as a measure to protect the greater communal well-being. Read Article

UN short nearly $5bn for aid projects as global recession hits donations

Guardian – The United Nations is warning of a $4.8bn (£2.9bn) shortfall in funding to tackle humanitarian crises in the world’s poorest countries, as the credit crunch leaves developed world governments with little cash to spare. Delivering its half-yearly update about emergency fund-raising, John Holmes, of the UN’s Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said that while the UN’s emergency appeals had received more funds than at the same time last year, the economic crisis was exacerbating poverty and increasing need. Read Article

Obama picks Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman to be State Department’s undersecretary for economic, energy & agricultural affairs

Wall Street Journal – The Obama administration picked Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Vice Chairman Robert Hormats to be the State Department’s undersecretary for economic, energy and agricultural affairs, the White House announced Friday. Mr. Hormats, if confirmed by the Senate, will buttress Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign to use economic, trade and environmental issues to redefine Washington’s relationship with nations such as China, India and Russia, said administration officials. Read Article

The Historian – In addition to being yet another Wall Street insider in Obama’s cabinet (the recipients of most of the “bailout” trillions), and VC of the world’s favourite Bank, he is also a member of the Trilateral Commission & the Council on Foreign Relations (as are most of the rest of the cabinet too by an amazing coincidence)

UK DNA database plans based on ‘flawed science’, warn experts

The Guardian - ”Flawed scientific thinking” in the government’s proposed changes to theDNA database will leave it open to further challenges by the courts, experts have said, in a stark attack on Home Office plans to overhaul the current system. The proposals, set out as part of a government consultation after the existing DNA database was found in breach of human rights last year, are based on exaggerated scientific claims and ignore the realities of persistent offending, two leading criminologists have said. “There is a flaw in the scientific evidence that sustains the government’s argument,” said Keith Soothill, emeritus professor of social research at Lancaster University. Read Article

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons

Daily Telegraph - For a glimpse of what awaits Britain, Europe, and America as budget deficits spiral to war-time levels, look at what is happening to the Irish welfare state. Read Article

Blue Chip firms sign up to African solar project

The Guardian - ”A consortium of 12 of Europe’s largest blue chip firms yesterday formally signed up to the world’s most ambitious solar energy project, agreeing to draw up detailed plans that could see energy from giant solar thermal power plants in North Africa meet up to 15 per cent of Europe’s energy needs.” Read Article

Communist secret police database goes online

Prague Post – Intense public interest saw a server collapse when databases kept by the Czechoslovak communist secret police (StB) were put online by former dissident Stanislav Penc. Within an hour of the data going online around 11 a.m. July 7, the server collapsed. Over the next three days, the Web site, Svazky.cz, registered 140,000 hits. It has since crashed again several times and was down as of press time. [Read more]

Uranium expansion policy clear: Rudd

ABC - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Government has made it clear that it is prepared to see an expansion in uranium mining.Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson says it is inevitable that uranium will be mined in Queensland, despite the State Government’s opposition to the idea. Read Article

The Historian – Nuclear Power. Once a piarah, now the saviour of the world? Or just another great money making exercise from “man-made global warming”?

New influenza A to hit Hungary in the autumn

Portfolio – “The new influenza (H1N1) world pandemic could hit Hungary by the autumn, said Beatrix Oroszi epidemiologist at the National Epidemiology Centre said on Monday. In response to the findings of a survey, she urged much bigger focus on crisis plans by corporates. According to a survey, only two of every ten companies have some kind of crisis management plan for an outbreak of the new flu. [Read more]

Gates announces temporary increase in U.S. Army

Reuters – U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday announced a temporary increase in the size of the U.S. Army that would boost the force by up to 22,000 troops for three years. He told reporters at a news briefing that the increase, intended to cope with strains from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, would raise the total strength of the Army to 569,000 soldiers.  Read Article

Australian jobless to peak at 7.5 per cent

The Australian - STRONG consumer spending and China’s continuing economic growth have prompted Access Economics to reduce its predicted peak unemployment rate for next year to 7.5 per cent. And Access has concluded Australia is through the worst of the global recession, having suffered “a downturn” while the rest of the world has succumbed to deep recession.While the forecaster predicted three months ago that the global recession would push the jobless rate to a peak of 8.5 per cent next year (the same as the government’s 2009-10 budget prediction), it attributed its one percentage point downward revision partly to the Rudd government’s stimulus efforts. Read Article

Guantanamo report on detainee policy delayed

Reuters – A key report ordered by U.S. President Barack Obamaas part of his effort to close the internationally condemned Guantanamo prison will be delayed six months, but officials insisted on Monday they were still on track to shut it down by January.Amid divisions between the administration and lawmakers over the fate of Guantanamo inmates, Obama aides said a task force crafting a new policy on terrorism detainees would miss its Tuesday deadline for offering its full recommendations. Read Article