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Codex Threatens Health of Billions

NaturalNews – Your right to eat healthy food and use supplements of your choice is rapidly vanishing, but every effort has been made to keep you in the dark about the coming nutricide. Codex Alimentarius is scheduled for full global implementation on December 31, 2009, and not a word has been spoken in main stream media about this threat to humanity. Yet, according to the projections based on figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline alone.

Former Nazi is father of contemporary Codex

Codex is the enemy of everyone except those who will profit from it. Codex has an association with those who committed crimes during the Nazi regime. At the end of World War II, the Nuremberg tribunal judged Nazis who had committed horrendous crimes against humanity and sentenced them to prison terms. One of those found guilty was the president of the megalithic corporation I.G. Farben, Hermann Schmitz. His company was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world, and had extraordinary political and economic power and influence with the Hitlerian Nazi state. Farben produced the gas used in the Nazi gas chambers, and the steel for the railroads built to transport people to their deaths. [Read Article]

The Biochemist – background information
[IG Farben] – “IG Farben is the union of Agfa, BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and a few other smaller German chemical companies.
Industrial plants were hardly bombed because the Americans knew that IG Farben delivered aeroplane fuel via the Rockefeller group.
The control centre for IG Farben conducted human experiments came from BAYER.

    The BAYER researcher, Prof. Gerhard Domagk, conducted human experiments for germ warfare under contracts from the SS.

He was later awarded the Nobel prise for medicine for his discovery of sulphonamide. Sulphonamide was first tested on humans who were infested with gangrene and finally treated with antibiotics from BAYER. Death was inclusive.” [from link]

And from official Bayer site: [link]
“Gerhard Domagk (1895″“1964) discovered the therapeutic effect of the sulfonamides – a key breakthrough in the chemotherapy of infectious diseases for which Domagk received the Nobel Prize in 1939.”

N.B. Sulphonamide(s) were anti-microbials, not antibiotics, and were the first really effective drugs against micro-organisms.

Global warming is the new religion of First World urban elites

Vancouver Sun - Ian Plimer has outraged the ayatollahs of purist environmentalism, the Torquemadas of the doctrine of global warming, and he seems to relish the damnation they heap on him. Plimer is a geologist, professor of mining geology at Adelaide University, and he may well be Australia’s best-known and most notorious academic. Plimer, you see, is an unremitting critic of “anthropogenic global warming” — man-made climate change to you and me — and the current environmental orthodoxy that if we change our polluting ways, global warming can be reversed. Read Article

The Historian - Definition of a cult by Oxford English Dictionary: something popular or fashionable among a particular section of society; a group of people with different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong; a group with extreme or dangerous philosophical or political ideas – so climate warmists believe unquestioningly in a doctrine and believe anyone who doesn’t conform is a heretic (denier), and their views are very political as can be seen by the literal restructuring of the world economy around the central tenant of the cult, that CO2 is evil. Yep, its a religious cult

Food allergies get curiouser and curiouser

New Scientist – WE WERE just settling down for our flight when the captain’s voice came over the PA system. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to disturb you, but we have a passenger on board who has a severe nut allergy. Could I ask you please not to open or eat any food that contains nuts for the duration of the flight? I am sorry for any inconvenience. We hope you enjoy your flight.”

It was no coincidence that at the time I was on my way to a conference on food allergy in Vienna, Austria. Hazel Gowland, food adviser to the The Anaphylaxis Campaign in the UK, was travelling for the same reason, and it was for her benefit that the captain made his request. [Read Article]

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

CNN) — The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials.
The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense Secretary Robert Gates.
The officials would not be identified because the proposal from U.S. Northern Command’s Gen. Victor Renuart has not been approved by the secretary.
The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military. Read article

Corby birth defects: worst child poisoning case since thalidomide

Daily Telegraph - The scale of the Corby birth defects scandal has become clear after it emerged that more than 75 families could be affected by the biggest child poisoning case since thalidomide.A High Court judge has ruled that Corby borough council had been negligent in the way it dismantled a steelworks. Lawyers for 16 children born afterwards with defects to their hands and feet had claimed that as a result, their mothers had been exposed to “an atmospheric soup of toxic materials” that had poisoned the North amptonshire town. They are now expected to pursue claims for millions of pounds in compensation. Read Article

Unemployment spreads distress in U.S. home loans

Reuters – Cities in the U.S. Sun Belt states of California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona dominated the record foreclosure spree in the first half of the year, but distress in other regions emerged as joblessness spread, RealtyTrac said on Thursday. Metro areas with populations of at least 200,000 in those four states accounted for 35 of the 50 highest foreclosure rates. Read Article

China rejects claim 10,000 Uighurs gone

ABC - China’s Xinjiang region has dismissed a claim by an exiled Uighur leader that nearly 10,000 people disappeared after ethnic unrest this month, state media reports.Xinjiang government spokeswoman Hou Hanmin said the claim by Rebiya Kadeer was “not even worth a counterreaction”, according to the English-language Global Times, which said in a report that the claim was “groundless”.Ms Kadeer, a former businesswoman living in the United States, said on Wednesday that close to 10,000 people “disappeared in one night” after violent clashes in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang in China’s north -west. Read Article

Guantanamo inmate to be released

BBC - The Obama administration says it will release Mohammed Jawad, who has been held at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp since 2002. Earlier this month officials admitted that there was no military case for Mr Jawad’s continued detention. Read Article

Minister’s briefing on ‘new flu’

www.ana-mpa.gr – Health Minister Avramopoulos on Wednesday briefed a relevant Parliament committee in Athens over the government’s action plan to deal with whatever outbreaks and repercussions of “new flu” or novel influenza.
Avramopoulos said a major cache of vaccinations will be delivered to Greece in mid September, with the vaccination of “at risk” groups of the general population beginning thereafter. In echoing statements by the scientific community worldwide, the minister also said it was unlikely that the entire population will need to get vaccinated. [Read Article]

The Biochemist – “statements by the scientific community worldwide” are somewhat at odds with the WHO recommendation of mandatory vaccination – by the advisory group with very vested interests.

It is Official: WHO Recommends Mandatory Injections to Almost Two Hundred Countries

NaturalNews – Executives from Baxter, Novartis, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Sanofi Pasteur have seats at the advisory group that on July 13th recommended mandatory H1N1 vaccination of everyone in all 194 countries that belong to the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a report just issued by journalist Jane Burgermeister. WHO spokesperson Alphaluck Bhatiasevi confirmed that Dr. Margaret Chan did not give the press briefing at WHO headquarters in Geneva as anticipated. At short notice, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny stepped in to announce that “vaccines will be needed in all countries.”

According to WHO documents, vaccines “such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines are important.” Health workers, pregnant women, healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years, and healthy children will be the targeted groups of the world wide vaccine. [Read Article]

The Biochemist – For a discussion about vaccines and the immune system, check out this pdf: http://www.drcarley.com/innoculations_wmd_dr_carley.pdf

Vast majority Gazans depend on aid: UNRWA director

Xinhua – The vast majority of Gaza’s 1.5 million population depends on aid after more than two years of Israeli nearly-total siege, a UN aid agency official said.
“The numbers are over 850,000. Up to almost one million refugees are depending now on us for food to survive,” John Ging, operations director of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), told Xinhua in an interview at his office in Gaza city.
“There is no economy here, there are no jobs. People are just desperate both in terms of human and psychological suffering. That’s the biggest and most challenging aspect of the siege,” Ging added.
The closure, imposed since June 2007 and tightened after a three-week Israeli offensive that ended in January 2009, has added tens of thousands of non-refugees to the 750,000 registered refugees who receive aid from the UNRWA. Read article

FDA concludes mercury in dental fillings not risky

Examiner.com WASHINGTON – The government declared Tuesday that silver dental fillings contain too little mercury to harm the millions who’ve had cavities filled with them – including young children – and that only people allergic to mercury need to avoid them.

It was something of an about-face for the Food and Drug Administration, which last year settled a lawsuit with anti-mercury activists by posting on its Web site a precaution saying questions remained about whether the small amount of mercury vapor the fillings can release were enough to harm the developing brains of fetuses or the very young. [Read Article]

The Historian – Sure they’re not risky, we believe you!
The Biochemist – Prior to GMO’s, I would have agreed with the FDA’s new position. It could still be true. The amounts of mercury are infintesimal compared to some places in 3rd world countries, where they have incredibily high levels of (for example) arsenic in their water sources.
However, there has been so much deceit, not only over GMO’s, but also involving ‘conflict of interest’ re funding of individuals on FDA approval panels/committees that the FDA has NO credibility left.

UK poll: Afghan war is ‘unwinnable’

Al Jazeera – Most Britons believe the war in Afghanistan is “unwinnable” and want troops pulled out, according to a newspaper opinion poll.
Fifty-eight per cent see the offensive against the Taliban as a lost cause, while 52 per cent want the troops withdrawn from Afghanistan, the poll commissioned by the Independent indicated.
The ComRes telephone poll of 1,008 Britons, which was conducted between July 24 and 26, came as the bodies of four British soldiers were flown home to a UK airbase on Tuesday. Read article

Venezuela freezes relations with Colombia

CNN – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez froze diplomatic relations with Colombia late Tuesday, citing verbal aggressions from the neighboring South American country.
The televised announcement followed declarations from the Colombian government Monday that anti-tank weapons purchased by Venezuela ended up in the hands of the guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC. In addition, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said the guerrillas were trying to buy anti-aircraft missiles. Venezuela received a shipment of Russian SA-24 Igla shoulder-fired missiles earlier this year and showed them off at military parade in April.
Chavez recalled Venezuela’s ambassador to Colombia, as well as most of the embassy’s staff. Read article

Gender pay gap increases ‘as school stereotypes persist’

Telegraph.co.uk – The Government’s ‘lack of action’ in breaking down stereotypes in schools was partly to blame for the gender pay gap, according to an official report.

Progress in narrowing the wage difference between men and women was “stalling” and ministers should do more to change the culture in the education system to encourage girls to opt for non-traditional jobs, said the Women and Work Commission.

The group, set up by Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister in 2004 to review the gender pay gap and other employment issues facing women, called on the Government to do more to promote quality flexible and part-time work. [Read Article]

The Biochemist – One stereotype that is a current problem suggests we can have great, successful, prize-winning careers, and still be great – and happy mothers to (umpteen) kids. Sure – there are women who have done it. We would do well to remember, however, that the reason they acheive acclaim is that it IS an outstanding acheivement. Often these women will have strong support structures in their lives, in addition to burning passion for their work. The cost of ‘doing it all’, for many, is often their health and/or relationships.

The expectation that we will enjoy the children-raising part of that picture more than the career part is, I believe, unrealistic. Oddly enough, I think that if the expectation/pressure was not there to PERFORM so well as mothers AND as career-women, we might be able to relax more about both and so enjoy them both more.

Citigroup to pay a $100 Million Bonus

CBS News - The controversy over executive pay in the financial sector appears far from over, with Citigroup and the government poised to clash over the bank’s scheduled $100 million bonus to energy trader Andrew J. Hall later this year.  Hall’s potential nine-figure payday is stipulated in his contract with Citigroup, which owes a lot to his management of the lucrative Phibro energy trading unit. But, of course, Citigroup is on the hook for $45 billion in government aid Read Article

Windfall for Tories as firms eye £4bn contracts

Independent – Accountancy giants channel £500,000 in resources and staff to Conservatives ahead of election
Britain’s top accountancy firms are channelling resources and staff worth hundreds of thousands of pounds into the Conservative Party ahead of an anticipated Tory government after the general election.
Analysis by The Independent has revealed that leading companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and KPMG, have given the Tories nearly £500,000 since the start of last year as they attempt to build ties with the party that has a double-digit lead in the polls.
The firms involved already hold government contracts worth millions of pounds between them. More consultancy contracts would be on offer for auditors and consultants as the party would be forced to grapple with making vast savings across the public sector should it form the next government. Read article

US Homeland Secretary to reveal security plans: report

Reuters – U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is expected to reveal on Wednesday the Obama administration’s domestic policies to prevent terrorist attacks, the Wall Street Journal said on Tuesday. In an interview, Napolitano said the new strategy is expected to rely largely on refining and expanding initiatives launched under former President George W. Bush, the paper reported on its website. The new plans are part of a wider effort to significantly increase the cooperation Napolitano’s agency has with state and local governments in the United States, the paper said. Napolitano is also expected to call for more civic awareness and involvement to prevent attacks, the paper said, adding that she is likely to discuss efforts to work closer with foreign governments, from sharing airline-passenger data to intelligence about potential plots. Read Article

Violence rises ahead of Afghanistan polls

ABC – The campaign manager of one of the leading candidates in Afghanistan’s presidential election has been attacked by unknown gunmen as violence worsens in the lead-up next month’s poll.
The campaign manager of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah was seriously injured when gunmen opened fire on his vehicle in the eastern province of Laghman. His driver was killed.
On Sunday President Hamid Karzai’s running mate, Mohammad Qasim Fahim, survived an assassination attempt when his convoy was ambushed. Read article

Australian Attorney General defends new anti-terrorism laws

ABC - Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has defended plans for a new anti-terrorism law targeting those who try to incite violence among young people based on race or religion. The laws are designed to stop those who target young people, radicalise them, then encourage them to take violent action.News of the plans sparked criticism from defence lawyers who say current counter-terrorism powers are already too wide. Read Article

The Historian – Australia slowly tip-toes down the dark path already trodden by the former free democracies of the UK and USA

Terrorism still a threat to Australians: ASIO chief

ABC - The new head of ASIO, David Irvine, has broken his silence after four months in the job, warning the recent bombings in Jakarta show that Australians are at risk overseas and at home.He says Australia’s domestic spy agency remains focused on countering terrorism and that in the wake of the recent bombings Australia and Indonesia continue to cooperate closely.But he also says that cyber-espionage is an emerging threat that will require extra effort from his agents. Read Article

The Historian – Now read the article regarding the further degrading of Australian civil liberties that came out at the same time (article above this). Welcome to the world of PR and spin.