Quotation of the Week

“Carbon is more basic to life than sex. Carbon Dioxide is a colourless odourless non-poisonous gas. It is plant food, and it drives the whole food chain. All life is based on and contains carbon. Every cell in every living organism on the planet is based on carbon. Bacteria, algae and plants remove CO2 from the air and water and store it in their tissues. Together with water vapour, CO2 keeps our planet warm such that it is not covered in ice, too hot or devoid of liquid water. If there were no mechanism for recycling carbon back into the air and water, then these reservoirs would have been depleted long ago.

During the history of the planet, CO2 levels have continuosly fluctuated. During periods of high CO2 in the air, life underwent massive expansion and diversification, whereas in periods of low CO2, like today, plant life is not as energetic.  The CO2 content of air has hardly ever been as low as it is today.”

- Professor Ian Plimer, “Heaven & Earth. Climate Change: The missing science”