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Rothschild to advise on Irish banking restructuring

Reuters – The Irish government has appointed investment bank Rothschild to advise on the restructuring of the country’s banking sector, a source close to the firm said on Tuesday. “We will advise the Department of Finance on how to shape the banking system going forward, including the establishment of the National Asset Management Agency and any possible consolidation in the sector,” the source said. Read Article

The Historian – Has the wolf  just been given the keys to the chicken coop?

New protests in western China

BBC – Fresh protests have been reported in the province of Xinjiang in western China, where almost 200 people were killed in ethnic violence in July. Read Article

Obama facing hurdles to nuclear disarmament goals

AP — Five months after President Barack Obama, with great fanfare, called for a world free of nuclear weapons, a crucial step toward that goal is running into resistance.There is little indication Obama will have the votes he needs for a cornerstone of his nonproliferation efforts: Senate ratification of a nuclear test ban treaty. If Obama can’t get the treaty approved, he probably will have a hard time persuading the rest of the world to rein in nuclear weapon programs. Read Article

U.S. fury over Britain’s bare-faced lies and our broken promises to keep Lockerbie bomber in jail

Daily Mail – Gordon Brown faced a backlash at home and abroad after it was confirmed that the Libyans had been told privately that he did not want Abdelbaset Al Megrahi to die in jail. And the Foreign Office was accused of tearing up a ‘cast-iron’ promise given to the Americans and the United Nations a decade ago that the terrorist – released last month on compassionate grounds – would stay behind bars in Scotland. Read Article

The Historian – The real story “We’re not happy with you Limey’s doing this as we wanted that oil ourselves”

US embassy staff & mercenaries investigated over ‘Lord of the Flies’ parties

Daily Telegrph – A wide-ranging State Department inquiry into allegations of misconduct and mismanagement by a private security firm guarding the US Embassy in Afghanistan could lead to the termination of the company’s $189 million contract, a department spokesman has said. Read Article

New bone marrow treatment ‘saves patients too ill for chemotherapy’

Telegraph.co.uk – Desperately sick children too ill to undergo a bone marrow transplant have been treated using a pioneering new therapy which could potentially help hundreds of patients. Doctors traditionally use aggressive chemotherapy to “wipe out” patients’ own bone marrow, creating room for donated cells. But the toxic drugs can cause damage to the liver, gut and lungs as well as long-term side effects such as infertility, and are too strong for some very sick patients to take. Read Article

The Biochemist – I question this statement: “Doctors traditionally use aggressive chemotherapy to “wipe out” patients’ own bone marrow, creating room for donated cells.” Marrow cells are dividing cells (immune, blood) – their death is a side-effect of Chemotherapy. Donated cells are the only way to replace them. ‘Chemo’ drugs are actually cyto-toxic i.e. cell-toxic. They are toxic to ANY dividing cells; wound-healing ones too. Cancer cells are usually more aggressive – no wonder most recur.

Blistering report faults SEC for Madoff misses

Reuters – U.S. securities regulators missed “numerous” red flags that may have led to Bernard Madoff‘s $65 billion Ponzi scheme and never did a “thorough and competent” probe despite complaints dating to 1992, a federal watchdog has concluded.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s inspector general said in a blistering report that despite five probes and having caught Madoff in “lies and misrepresentations,” the SEC failed to follow up on inconsistencies. Read Article

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

The Guardian – Doctors and psychologists the CIA employed to monitor its “enhanced interrogation” of terror suspects came close to, and may even have committed, unlawful human experimentation, a medical ethics watchdog has alleged.Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), a not-for-profit group that has investigated the role of medical personnel in alleged incidents of torture at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and other US detention sites, accuses doctors of being far more involved than hitherto understood. Read Article

Half of all pregnant women will refuse swine flu jab, poll reveals

Guardian.co.uk – Results of poll suggest widespread concern about safety of vaccine; US study showed pregnant women more at risk of swine flu complications Poll conducted by Mumsnet reveals that 50% of pregnant women would refuse swine flu vaccine if offered. Pregnant women are one of the target groups for vaccination identified by experts advising the government. In July, a study in the US showed they are more at risk of complications if they get it and more likely to end up in hospital than other people. Six pregnant women died of swine flu complications there between 15 April and 18 May. Read Article

The Biochemist – speaking as a Mum, most will do anything to protect their baby. They have been taught, too (by health professionals), to be careful about what goes into their bodies at this time – no surprise that they ARE careful then!

Michael Misick says Britain guilty of Turks & Caicos coup

The Times – As premier of these palm-fringed Caribbean islands, Michael Misick was criticised for his “D-list Hollywood style of leadership”. The former elected leader of Turks & Caicos rode around in a chauffered gold Cadillac and married a Hollywood actress with her own lingerie line and a penchant for private jets. The actress, who soon divorced him, claimed that he handed out $100 notes during election campaigns.  Read Article

First baby born from screened egg

The Telegraph – The world’s first baby has been born in Britain following a new screening technique which experts believe could double the chances of successful fertility treatment. Baby Oliver is the first child resulting from the treatment which examines eggs for abnormalities, which helps scientists select the best quality egg for fertility treatment. Read article

The Biochemist – A Brave New World: where babies are grown in testtubes and their chemical bath composition determines their role in society. Who knows if this is where we will go, as a society? Good signs here are the admission that; “…in some the PGS has been shown to be detrimental.” and the view that; “…at the moment this [Oliver] can only be viewed as a potentially very lucky result.”

UK is “˜facing 70s-style blackouts’

Press Assoc - The UK faces widespread power cuts for the first time since the 1970s, according to the Government’s own predictions. Demand for electricity from homes and businesses is set to exceed the available supply within eight years. Read Article

Goldman Sachs Wrong on Economic Recovery, Macro Hedge Funds Say

Bloomberg – Paul Tudor Jones, the billionaire hedge-fund manager who outperformed peers last year, is wagering that Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley got it wrong in declaring the start of an economic recovery.Jones’s Tudor Investment Corp., Clarium Capital Management LLC and Horseman Capital Management Ltd. are taking a bearish stand as U.S. stock and bond prices rise, saying that record government spending may be forestalling another slowdown and market selloff. The firms oversee a combined $15 billion in so- called macro funds, which seek to profit from economic trends by trading stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Read Article

Rothschild Said to Start Fund; Chairman’s Son Joins

Bloomberg –  Rothschild, the largest family-owned bank, plans to raise a 500 million-euro ($711 million) investment fund as chairman David de Rothschild’s son joins the firm, two people familiar with the plan said. Alexandre de Rothschild, 29, moved to the family bank from Argan Capital, Bank of America Corp.’s former European private equity division, to work on the project, said the people, who declined to be identified before the fundraising is completed. Rothschild Managing Director Marc-Olivier Laurent, 57, will oversee the fund, the people said. Read Article

UK to lend IMF 15.5 bln dlrs amid global crisis

AFP - The UK will provide the International Monetary Fund with some 15.5 billion dollars to support the IMF’s lending capacity amid the global downturn, the multilateral institution said Tuesday. Read Article

The Historian - Just when you thought there was no money left in the Bank of England piggy bank, along came the magician called Quantitative Easing to (temporarily) save the day

Afghanistan deputy spy chief among 23 dead in blast

Reuters – A suicide bomber killed Afghanistan’s powerful deputy head of intelligence and at least 22 other people in an attack on Wednesday claimed by the Taliban. Abdullah Laghmani, deputy head of the National Directorate for Security, was one the highest-ranking security officials in President Hamid Karzai’s government to be killed in the conflict. The Taliban said he was targeted for assassination. Read Article

Cheap drinks at college bars can escalate drinking among college students

Physorg.com – It’s no secret that alcohol use among college students can cause a number of problems, including injury, violence and even death. A new study has examined the impact of drink discounts at college bars, finding that low alcohol prices at drinking establishments pose genuine threats to public health and safety. Results will be published in the November issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research and are currently available at Early View. “It may seem intuitive that cheaper alcohol can lead to higher intoxication levels and related consequences… ” said Ryan J. O’Mara, a graduate research fellow at the University of Florida and corresponding author for the study. Read Article

ElBaradei calls Iranian threat ‘hyped’

Jerusalem Post - Mohamed ElBaradei, outgoing chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has called the Iranian threat “hyped,” saying there is no proof the Islamic republic will soon have nuclear weapons. Read Article

The Historian – Pretty much were the UN inspectors were saying about Iraq in 2003 just before the bombs started falling

BP Makes “˜Giant’ Oil Discovery in Gulf of Mexico Tiber Prospect

Bloomberg – BP Plc, Europe’s second-largest oil company, reported a “giant” discovery at the Tiber Prospect in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that may contain more than 3 billion barrels, sending its shares higher. Read Article

The Historian – Now if only BP could just gets its hands back on all those lovely reserves they used to own back when they were called Anglo-Iranian Oil……..

Now it IS safe for your child to use a mobile: After years of warnings, official leaflet drops safety guidance

Daily Mail – Plans to give the green light for children to use mobile phones despite cancer fears have angered health campaigners. The draft of a new advisory leaflet for parents by the Department of Health removes safety advice to impose strict limits on youngsters’ use of the handsets. It goes on to suggest that heating to the head caused by using a mobile is no more harmful than a hot bath. Read article

The Biochemist – This is from the same UK Government who in the 50′s & 60′s used to tell the population that smoking was safe despite already knowing it wasn’t, but kept the pretence up for the extra tax revenue smoking brought (as per recently released official files). In addition, virtually the same story is appearing worldwide today e.g. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,26013737-5006301,00.html hinting a very successful PR and lobbying campaign by the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry.

The Truth Of Iraq’s City Of Deformed Babies

Sky News - An Iraqi doctor has told Sky News the number of babies born with deformities in the heavily-bombed area of Fallujah is still on the increase. Fifteen months ago a Sky News investigation revealed growing numbers of children being born with defects in Fallujah.Concerns were that the rise in deformities may have been linked to the use of chemical weapons by US forces. All of our evidence is anecdotal, but repeatedly people tell us they believe the deformities must be linked to the heavy bombardment of Fallujah – a Sunni insurgent stronghold – by America in 2004. People want an independent investigation into the impact of the kinds of weapons used – including controversial white phosphorus. Read Article

The Historian – And in particular the use of depleted uranium (radioactive) tipped shells as standard by US & UK forces since the 2003 invasion

Beyond space and time: Fractals, hyperspace and more

New Scientist – TO THE NTH DIMENSION: We don’t have any trouble coping with three dimensions ““ or four at a pinch. The 3D world of solid objects and limitless space is something we accept with scarcely a second thought. Time, the fourth dimension, gets a little trickier. But it’s when we start to explore worlds that embody more ““ or indeed fewer ““ dimensions that things get really tough. Read Article

Britain admits it is not green enough, reveals poll

The Guardian - Britain has become a nation of guilty greens ““ people who admit they do not do enough to fight climate change ”“ according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today. While almost everyone claims to have made some effort to live environmentally-friendly lives, almost two-thirds also say they could do more. The poll was carried out ahead of today’sthe launch of the 10:10 climate campaign, backed by organisations including the Guardian. It finds widespread agreement that climate change exists ““ 85% say it is already a threat or will be in the future. Read Article

The Historian – What does this article in Britian’s most influential left wing paper tell us? Clearly climate change indoctrination on behalf of the banks has succeeded (just imagine if you will how good $2 trillion a year in carbon trading looks on a Profit & loss account). The majority of Britian’s now believe the spin, and best of all most now see the main problem as “too many people” (read the comments on such articles at this – it is a Eugenistis dream). Funnily enough though no mention is made of the real environmnetal impact of mankind such as oceanic pollution, water table depletion, soot particulates, deforestation, the disappearnce of bees, habitat destruction………..

Why AI is a dangerous dream

New Scientist – Robotics expert Noel Sharkey used to be a believer in artificial intelligence. So why does he now think that AI is a dangerous myth that could lead to a dystopian future of unintelligent, unfeeling robot carers and soldiers? Nic Fleming finds out. [Read article