Climate change killing corals, costing billions: study

AFP – Climate change is killing valuable coral reef systems, a United Nations-backed report published on Wednesday warned. The report — entitled “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity” — unveiled in Berlin, concluded: “We face the imminent loss of coral reefs due to climate change, with all the serious ecological, social and economic consequences this will entail.”  A second study published earlier Wednesday in Sydney found that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is in serious jeopardy as global warming and chemical runoff threatened to kill marine species and cause serious outbreaks of disease. Read Article

The Historian – Coral reefs here in Australia have survived or adapted to every single climatic change that has been thrown at them in history (the 7 degree rise over a period of about 30 years at the end of the last ice-age was a particular doosey) however what is killing both the Great Barrier Reef & Ningaloo reef is largely imported species (from ship ballast tanks), over fishing, dredge fishing, and most significantly agricultural (fertilizers, pesticides etc) run off. Coral’s need near pristine water to survive. Just because a research scientist takes their DaneGeld and says it “might” be due to climate change, doesn’t mean that is the main or even a significant factor. The Australian Scientific community got a very clear message on how not to secure research funding the other day when the NSW Premier told the national science award attendees that “Climate Change Deniers” are like Nazi’s. Do you think they got the message?