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Plugging of 7 week old oil spill leak delayed again

WA Today - A second attempt to stop oil leaking into the Timor Sea has been delayed more than seven weeks after it first began spilling from an offshore well. Read Article

Madagascar’s forests under threat from illegal timber trade

Daily Telegraph - Environmental campaigners claim that an executive decree issued last month legalising the export of raw hardwood, including rosewood and ebony, has given free rein to criminal gangs who fell endangered trees to sell on the international market. Read Article

British PM’s fire sale of public assets to raise £16bn

The Guardian - The prime minister is to mark the first day of the new political term by detailing an asset sale worth £16bn, in what the Liberal Democrats have called the “largest sell-off since the 1980s privatisations”. Gordon Brown will attempt to leap ahead of the Tories in the numbers game and prove the credentials of his government’s plan to get the public debt and deficit down ““ with public borrowing a record £175bn next year ““ by putting flesh on the bones of an already stated aim to raise money through sales. Read Article

India tests nuclear-capable missile

ABC - The Indian military has successfully test-fired two short-range nuclear-capable missiles from a site in the east of the country, a defence source says. Read Article

Blast near Pakistan’s Swat valley kills 24

Reuters - A suspected suicide bomber killed up to 24 people in an attack on the Pakistani military on Monday as the Taliban claimed responsibility for a weekend attack on the army’s headquarters. Read Article

Swine flu fears grow as NHS staff shun vaccine

The Guardian – [Those] who run hospitals, primary care trusts and strategic health authorities have been told to urgently maximise the number of workers having the jab. Leading Department of Health figures including Sir Liam Donaldson, the [CMO], have written to them six times in the last five weeks stressing the need for action before the second wave of the pandemic causes major problems. Read article

The Biochemist – Quote: “One director [said]: “The word … in NHS staff circles is that the vaccine is no good and you shouldn’t bother with it. Nurses in particular worry that there may be side-effects, that corners have been cut in producing the vaccine and that the generally mild nature of the virus means they don’t need to take it.” Nurses are in the front-line of health-care; they cop it if something goes wrong. They have served society well; so my bet is with them.

Phase 1 of PCB removal on Hudson River completed

PhysOrg – Crews dredging a polluted stretch of the upper Hudson River this year battled high water, old logging debris and unexpected levels of PCB contamination that slowed progress. Read Article

2012 is not the end of the world, Mayan elder insists

Daily Telegraph – The year 2012 will not bring the end of the world, a Mayan elder has insisted, despite claims that a Mayan calendar shows that time will “run out” on December 21 of that year. Read Article

Leading fund managers call for climate action

The Independent – Britain’s biggest institutional investors want to see compulsory carbon emission reductions introduced by the Government, new research will suggest today, but warn that the short-termism prevalent amongst many of their clients is acting as a brake on the speed with which the UK tackles climate change.  Read Article

The Historian – With a global market to be traded in by Fund Managers estimated at US$2-3 Trillion a year, this call should not be seen as a surprise.

Protesters demand US gay rights

BBC – Thousands of people have marched through Washington to demand greater civil rights for gay men and lesbians. The protest took place a day after President Barack Obama said he would repeal a ban on gay people serving openly in the military. The marchers in Washington also called for the speedy removal of legal restrictions on same-sex partnerships. Read Article

Israel/US military exercise cancelled over Turks’ Gaza anger

The Times – The US has cancelled its biggest air-defence exercise with Israel after Turkey refused to allow Israeli aircraft to participate in the war games, due to begin out of Turkish air bases today. Israeli officials said that Turkey’s stance over the 11-day manoeuvres, codenamed Operation Anatolian Eagle, was the result of lingering anger at Israel’s devastating onslaught on the Gaza Strip last winter.  Read Article

Top UN official in Afghanistan admits fraud tainted election

The Guardian – The most senior United Nations official in Afghanistan today acknowledged that “widespread fraud” had marred Afghanistan’s presidential election, but denied allegations from his sacked second-in-command that he had attempted to cover up evidence of cheating. Read Article

Irish paramilitary group renounces armed struggle

ABC – An Irish republican paramilitary group responsible for dozens of murders during three decades of violence in Northern Ireland has renounced its armed struggle, its political wing said. The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA)’s renunciation of violence came as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Dublin, from where she was due to travel to Belfast later in the day. Read Article

The Historian – In other words so they can concentrate on their drug running, extortion and low level thuggery without the interference of politicians

Clinton warns Iran of need for nuclear progress

Reuters – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that international powers would not wait forever for Iran to prove it was not developing nuclear bombs. Read Article

Three blasts kill at least 16 in western Iraq

Reuters – Three bombs killed at least 16 people and wounded scores more Sunday in Ramadi, capital of Iraq’s western Anbar province, officials said, in the latest in a string of attacks in the vast desert region. Read Article

WA police to get greater search powers

WA Today – WA Premier Colin Barnett claims new laws giving police greater powers to search people will help police combat the increase in the number of weapons, drugs and other items related to violence, crime and anti-social behaviour. The new legislation, set to be introduced into State Parliament in coming weeks, means police can now stop and search person or a vehicle in a declared area without the requirement that they have to prove reasonable suspicion. Read Article

The Historian – Guilty until proven innocent?

An Inconvenient Shelf


Editorial: Follow the money – a week in sharp focus

If there was ever a week where following the news brought into crystal sharp focus the real nature of our society and its penchant for greed and avarice over simple humanity, then this was it. Never in the two years of running Open Your Eyes News has the elephant in the room been so clear for all to see. And yet, the vast majority choose to ignore it or simply cannot see what it is because we are programmed as a society to view ever story in splendid isolation, without ever looking at the jigsaw around us as a whole. CLICK HERE TO READ EDITORIAL

Modern Brit mums find motherhood more satisfying than full-time work

DNA – A growing number of modern women find more satisfaction in motherhood than in full-time work, a British think-tank has reported. According to Cristina Odone, who wrote the book The Perfect Wife and is an outspoken critic of some feminist attitudes, today’s women are raising voices against pressures that have made them take jobs they don’t really want to do. Read article

The Biochemist – I’ve no problem with the survey results. I DO take issue with the term ‘real women’. Some women love child-rearing; some don’t. ALL are REAL women.  My favourite question: “Who says who’s a real woman?”

Iraqis protest against controversial voting system

AFP - More than 1,000 demonstrators took to the streets across Iraq on Saturday against plans to enact a controversial closed voting system which does not name candidates standing for office. Read Article

Blackwater company run by ex-con drops Montana jail plan

AP - An obscure California company run by an ex-convict with a history of fraud has dropped its effort to take over a beleaguered Montana jail, days after state officials launched an investigation. The project has been dogged by a series of damaging revelations about the company, American Police Force, ever since officials in the rural town of Hardin announced with great fanfare last month that they had secured a $2.6 million deal to fill the jail. Read Article

The Historian – As we reported last week this secretive division of Blackwater/Xe, the private military contractor (mercenaries), had built a massive detention facility on Indian Reservation land, outside constitutional jurisdiction. It was only ‘exposed’ in the mainstream press after a concerted campaign by the US DJ and so called ‘conspiracy theorist’ Alex Jones.

Some say the fluoride in our drinking water is industrial waste

Gainsville Sun (Florida) - Citizens concerned about the safety of fluoride used in Gainesville’s public drinking supply are holding a meeting Tuesday to inform residents of their concerns. ”What this meeting is about is that there’s solid evidence and scientific studies by very respected groups … and they came up with a conclusion that it’s very plausible that this industrial waste fluoride is causing cancers and detrimental effects on health in general,” said Len Eisenberg, one of the concerned citizens calling the meeting. Read Article

Antioxidants may increase diabetes risk rather than decrease it

DNA – Washington: A new study has shown that low levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), especially hydrogen peroxide, within cells may actually protect people from diabetes, by improving their ability to respond to insulin signals. “Our studies indicate that ‘physiological’ low levels of ROS may promote the insulin response and attenuate insulin resistance early in the progression of type 2 diabetes, prior to overt obesity and hyperglycemia. In a way, we think there is a delicate balance, and that too much of a good thing might be bad,” said Tony Tiganis, of Monash University in Australia. Read article