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US commander in Iraq warns of threat to pull out timetable

Daily Telegraph - General Ray Odierno, the US commander in Iraq, has warned that a delay to the country’s elections in January could derail President Barack Obama’s withdrawal timetable for troops. Read Article

Soaring Australian oil leak (financial) cost

ABC - The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) says the cost of the clean-up of the oil spill off WA’s north coast has reached more than $5 million. Oil has been flowing from the West Atlas rig into the Timor Sea from more than eight weeks. Read Article

Election Result: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sworn in as Indonesian President

The Times - Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was sworn in as Indonesia’s President today after winning an historic second five-year term. The former general and servant of a dictator swore on the Koran to uphold the constitution during a ceremony in the national assembly in Jakarta, the capital, that was watched throughout the vast archipelago of 234 million people. Read Article

UK public borrowing soars to new record

The Independent - Public borrowing ballooned by a further £14.8 billion in September, official figures showed today. The latest surge takes net borrowing to £77.3 billion for the six months of the financial year so far – the highest half-yearly figure since Office for National Statistics (ONS) records began in 1946. The Treasury expects borrowing to reach a record £175 billion for the year as a whole as the public finances buckle under the impact of recession. Read Article

A billion hungry people

Washington Post – On October 16, as millions of people were riveted to video of a runaway balloon thought to be carrying a 6-year-old boy named Falcon, a statistic was released on a problem that affects millions of children around the world: hunger. A billion people today are chronically hungry or malnourished, more than ever before in human history. Read atricle

Bernanke gone berserk! Bank reserves explode!

Money & Markets.Com – Fed Chairman Bernanke has dumped so much funny money into the U.S. banking system and has done so little to manage how that money is used, the fate of our entire economy has now been cast under a dark shadow of doubt. This is not conjecture or exaggeration. Nor are the underlying facts subject to debate. They are blatant, unambiguous, and fully supported by the Fed’s own data “¦ READ ARTICLE

Irish judge rejects attempt to challenge referendum result

Irish Times - AN ATTEMPT to bring a number of legal challenges aimed at overturning the result of the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has been refused by the High Court which ruled the arguments advanced were political not legal. Mr Justice Seán Ryan yesterday dismissed four separate applications for leave to challenge the constitutionality of the 28th Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2009 brought about as a result of the majority Yes vote in the October 2nd referendum. All four made their applications personally without the assistance of lawyers and sought leave to seek declarations that the result of the referendum is null and void and the amendment itself is repugnant to the Constitution. Read Article

Diabetic Episodes Affect Kids’ Memory

Science Daily “” Children who have had an episode of diabetic ketoacidosis, a common complication of diabetes, may have persistent memory problems, according to a new study from researchers at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain. ScienceDaily (Oct. 19, 2009) “” Children who have had an episode of diabetic ketoacidosis, a common complication of diabetes, may have persistent memory problems, according to a new study from researchers at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain. Read Article

Battle intensifies as Taliban retake Pakistani town

Reuters -Taliban militants attacked Pakistani forces and recaptured a strategic town on Tuesday on the approach to an insurgent base in south Waziristan, security officials said. Read Article

Australian opposition calls for radical option to plug oil leak

ABC – The company responsible for the massive oil spill in the Timor Sea is hoping to make a fourth attempt to plug the leak on Thursday. The spill has been polluting large areas of ocean for more than eight weeks already. The latest effort to plug it failed on Saturday, but there’s little information as to what went wrong. There was an impression that the company PTTEP Australasia was getting closer with every sweep. It’s no longer at all clear that that’s the case. Read Article

UK – Two million more immigrants since 2001

Daily Telegraph – Consultancy Oxford Economics pointed to surveys that indicated there were now around 6.6 million UK residents who had been born abroad, compared with 4.3 million in 2001. The figures emerged in a study carried out for the Department for Communities and Local Government, published on its website last month. Read article

The Historian – Human beings are unfortunately very predictable, especially during an economic downturn. The political class of the UK (but in every other country too) has always known what the upshot of uncontrolled immigration policies would be ““ racial conflict.  Thus enabling them to impose ever more stringent laws to “protect” and thus reduce civil liberties. Classic divide and conquer strategy, and as usual using humanity’s worst traits against us.

Obama offers incentives to Sudan Government to end Darfur “˜genocide’

The Times – President Obama unveiled a new strategy towards Sudan yesterday in which the US will seek to work with the Khartoum Government, rather than try to isolate it “” even though Washington accuses it of genocide in Darfur. Read Article

The Historian - US foreign policy is a strange thing. They are very keen to impose “democracy & freedom” using military means on other countries a lot of the time (eg: Iraq, Afghanistan) and yet when China has control of the oil reserves already (eg: Burma & Sudan) they are much happier to go the softly, softly approach

Karzai open to Afghan run-off: sources

Reuters – A U.N.-backed watchdog invalidated thousands of votes for President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan’s August election and Western sources said Karzai was expected on Tuesday to announce his willingness to accept a run-off. The August 20 vote, marred by allegations of fraud, has fanned tension between Karzai and Western governments whose troops are fighting a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan. Read Article

The Historian – The age old problem for intelligence agencies, when “our man” goes rogue eg: Mussolini, Sadaam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden

Oil price hits new high for 2009

BBC – The price of oil has reached a new high for 2009, continuing its recent rise on the back of the weak US dollar and strong US company results. US crude settled up $1.08 at $79.61 in New York trading. Meanwhile London Brent crude rose 78 cents to at $77.77 Read Article

7m Britons have diabetes early warning signs

The Independent – An estimated seven million people in the UK have early warning signs of diabetes, researchers warned today. The condition – called prediabetes – means their blood sugar is higher than normal and makes them up to 15 times more likely to develop full blown Type 2 diabetes, charity Diabetes UK said. Read article

Iran threatens U.S. and Britain after Guard bombing

Reuters – The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vowed on Monday to “retaliate” against the United States and Britain after accusing them and neighboring Pakistan of backing militants who blew up six Guards commanders. Iranian media say the Sunni Muslim insurgent group Jundollah (God’s soldiers) has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s bombing in Sistan-Baluchestan province, which killed 42 people in all. Read Article

The Historian – As we exposed yesterday the Iranians may actually have valid reasons for suspecting US & British involvement as can be seen in this 2007 news article

Myth of Haneef phone link to attack exposed

The Australian – KEY information clearing Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef of involvement in a British terror attack lay on the public record for three weeks while he was held in Queensland, a new book reveals. Brisbane academic Jacqui Ewart says the myth that Dr Haneef’s SIM card was in the possession of one of the would-be bombers who rammed a blazing Jeep into Glasgow airport terminal on June 30, 2007, had been exposed as false by a Queensland newspaper as early as July 4, without the police catching on.  Read Article

The Historian – And all the while he was falsely detained the Australian media was whipped up into a frenzy of “terrorists everywhere” leading to public opinion swinging towards more stringent anti-terror laws and decreases in their own civil liberties. Problem, Reaction, Solution 

UK Home Office climbs down over keeping DNA records on innocent

The Guardian – Civil liberty campaigners claimed a victory today after the government announced it is dropping current proposals to retain the DNA profiles of innocent people on the national database. The Home Office has announced that its plan to keep the DNA profiles of those arrested ““ but never convicted of a crime ““ for between six and 12 years depending on the seriousness of the offence has been dropped from the policing and crime bill that is going through parliament. A European court ruling in December found it was unlawful to keep the DNA details of 850,000 innocent people indefinitely on the national database. Read Article

Good jobs, green jobs – Rabbis call to Government

Washington Post – While experts argue over the nature of this country’s economic woes, leaders in America’s faith communities see daily the consequences of the downturn, as far too many of our people continue to cry out for shelter, food, and meaningful work. Food banks are strained, foreclosures mount, and the competition over the few jobs that remain grows ever fiercer. Millions of holy souls, all created in the Divine image, find themselves hemmed in on all sides, with very little hope. Read Article

Refugee flood reveals human cost of South Waziristan’s invisible war

The Guardian – As fighting raged for a third day in South Waziristan todayrefugees flooded into Dera Ismail Khan, a dusty, danger-laced town on the southern edge of the tribal area. Aid workers there said they had registered about 160,000 people in six centres; they expect the figure to jump by at least 100,000 in the coming weeks. Read Article

Limit exposure to mobile phones: French experts

AP ”” French health watchdogs, in a precautionary move, recommended on Thursday reducing exposure to mobile phones and other portable wireless devices. The guidelines are an interim step pending the outcome of wider research into any impacts from health from radio frequency fields. “The time for inaction has passed,” Martin Guespereau, director of the French Health and Security Agency (Afsset), said at a press conference. Read article

HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS ““ The nature of the Genetically Modified Food industry

In the space of less than three decades, intellectual property rights have been applied to 82% of the global seed market, according to data collected by campaign group ETC. Three companies now control nearly half of the total global market in proprietary seeds, worth $22bn (£13.5bn) a year. In 2007, the US-based Monsanto accounted for nearly a quarter of the total global market (23%), followed by another American company, DuPont (15%) and Swiss-headquartered Syngenta (9%). Just six companies ““the above three plus Bayer, BASF and Dow AgroSciences ““ control three-quarters of the global agrochemical market. (Source ““ The Guardian 18/10/09)

Rabbi: Not to vaccinate is a sin

Washington Post – We do not raise children for ourselves alone, or for themselves alone. We raise them for the world. Educating a child is not so that she can live well, or not only so that she can live well. It is to enable her to make a genuine contribution to society. When we refuse a child a vaccination we are violating the rationale for having children. Read Article

The Biochemist – I hope that: my child will make informed decisions searches for and weighs up all the evidence; she will show compassion to all around her; she will stand up for the right for others to do the same; she respects other’s rights to make their OWN decisions and does not judge them, if they come to a different conclusion to herself.

Gold at $2,000 Becomes Inflation-Adjusted Bullseye for “˜80 High

Bloomberg — Gold’s rally to a record means prices are still 53 percent below the 1980 inflation-adjusted peak. While gold rose 19 percent this year to $1,072 an ounce on Oct. 14, consumer prices almost tripled in the past three decades, eroding the metal’s value. Bullion hasn’t kept pace with the cost of bread, fuel or medical care. In 1980, gold hit a then-record $873 an ounce. In today’s dollars, that would be $2,287, according to the U.S. Labor Department’s inflation calculator. Read Article

Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow

TIME - Pigs still can’t fly, but this winter, the mayor of Moscow promises to keep it from snowing. For just a few million dollars, the mayor’s office will hire the Russian Air Force to spray a fine chemical mist over the clouds before they reach the capital, forcing them to dump their snow outside the city. Authorities say this will be a boon for Moscow, which is typically covered with a blanket of snow from November to March. Road crews won’t need to constantly clear the streets, and traffic “” and quality of life “” will undoubtedly improve. Read Article

The Historian – I refer you to our recent Opinion Editorial on atmospheric seeding