‘No post-jab paracetamol’ advice

BBC – Giving paracetamol to babies after vaccinations as a precaution against fever may lower the effectiveness of the immunisation, say researchers. A trial of 450 infants having vaccines found that paracetamol doses over the next 24 hours did indeed reduce fever. However, the Czech researchers also found a significantly lower vaccine response with the painkiller. A UK doctor said the Lancet study backed advice not to use medicines in children without good cause. Read article

The Biochemist – The paracetamol effect on the vaccine has got to apply across the board. Let’s say no paracetamol for 24hrs for ANYONE – THEN see who is masochistic enough to get the jab.// “…[don't] use medicines in children without good cause. Great advice – applies to ALL adults too; one of my friends family only had Paracetamol when pain/flu symptoms were unbearable. As a result, it worked far better on them than it does in people who take it often.// And taking that advice could mean that only a very few would get this jab.