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U.S. military create live remote-controlled beetles to bug conversations

Daily Mail - Spies may soon be bugging conversations using actual insects, thanks to research funded by the US military. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has spent years developing a whole host of cyborg critters, in the hopes of creating the ultimate ‘fly on the wall’. Now a team of researchers led by Hirotaka Sato have created cyborg beetles which are guided wirelessly via a laptop. Read Article

New York Times – Give Carbon Credits to Couples That Limit Themselves to One Child

CNS News - Andrew Revkin, who reports on environmental issues for The New York Times, floated an idea last week for combating global warming: Give carbon credits to couples that limit themselves to having one child. Revkin later told CNSNews.com that he was not endorsing the idea, just trying to provoke some thinking on the topic. Read Article

The Historian – The dark hand of the eugenics movement again?