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Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned

Wired – The Obama administration is seeking to reverse a federal appeals court decision that dramatically narrows the government’s search-and-seizure powers in the digital age. Solicitor General Elena Kagan and Justice Department officials are asking the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its August ruling that federal prosecutors went too far when seizing 104 professional baseball players’ drug results when they had a warrant for just 10. Read Article

Three-year-old girls worry about their weight, study finds

The Daily Telegraph – Research among pre-school girls found that up to 50 per cent were already anxious about how they look while a third wanted to lose weight or change their hair colour. But exposure to images of idealised beauty, such as princesses in films, does not appear to make their anxiety worse, according to the study published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. Read Article

First osmosis power plant goes on stream in Norway

New Scientist – The world’s first prototype osmotic power station came on stream this week.Sited on the banks of the Oslo fjord in southern Norway, it generates electricity using the natural process that keeps plants standing upright and the cells of our own bodies swollen, rigid and hydrated.Osmosis occurs wherever two water solutions of different concentrations meet at a semi-permeable membrane. The spontaneous passage of water from dilute to concentrated solutions through the membrane generates a pressure difference that can be harnessed to generate power. Read Article

Government Sachs: Goldman’s Close Ties To Washington Arouse Envy, Raise Questions

Huffington Post – No wonder it’s called “Government Sachs.” It seems that every few weeks, another Goldman Sachs executive goes to work for a government agency, with bankers landing in positions of power at the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, and pulling the levers of the massive trillion-dollar federal bailout. At the same time, the bank, which announced on Tuesday that it was hiring former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt, has received $10 billion in TARP funds.  Read Article

Ed – And it is not just the US either. The leader of the Australian Opposition Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, is an ex-Goldman Sachs partner