Ginkgo Biloba’s Epilepsy Seizures Warning

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BBC – People with epilepsy should be warned that using a popular herbal remedy may increase the risk of seizures, researchers say. German scientists, writing in the Journal of Natural Products, said they had found 10 written reports of seizures linked to ginkgo biloba. They said they were convinced the herb could have a “detrimental effect”. A leading UK epilepsy charity said the evidence was not yet compelling, although it said care was needed. Read Article

Ed. – First: 10 is a very small number of cases vs, the widespread use of G. Biloba, Second: they said ‘linked’; correlation does NOT mean causation. Third: the UK charity (?) evidently thinks that it is best to err on the side of caution until more is known. Fourth: This article is structured in a number of small ways to make the danger seem more definite than it really is. To that end; we are running another article on this topic, which seems to be more objective. It is recommended that you google ‘gingkotoxin’.

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