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Russia to pay Venezuela extra $1 billion bonus for more oil field projects

RiaNovosti – Russia plans to pay an extra $1 billion in a bonus to Venezuela for the development of more oil fields in the Latin American country, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said. “Our partners have said they are ready to expand our partnership in the energy sector. If an agreement is reached, Russia will pay Venezuela an additional $1 billion bonus for oil field development,” Putin said after talks with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Read Article

Endocrine Disruptors: Babies Absorb the Most Bisphenol A

ScienceDaily “” The hormonally active substance bisphenol A is contained in many synthetic and packaging materials. As a result, the substance can find its way into the food chain and the human organism. Just who is exposed and to what extent is shown in a new study from ETH Zurich: babies who are fed with polycarbonate bottles are especially at risk. Read article

Russia ‘may sell $5 billion of weapons to Venezuela’

Telegraph – The Russian prime minister met Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas on Friday to discuss oil, defence and nuclear energy cooperation, although no new no arms agreements were signed. The United States expressed concern about possible arms proliferation following such a deal with Venezuela. Mr Chavez says his growing arsenal is aimed at countering a planned increase in the US military forces in neighbouring Colombia, Washington’s closest ally in Latin America. Read article

New species of giant lizard found in Philippines

 AFP ““ Biologists on Wednesday reported the spectacular discovery of a species of giant lizard, a reptile as long as a full-grown man is tall, and endowed with a double penis. The secretive but brightly-coloured beast, a monitor lizard, is a close cousin of the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia. But unlike the fearsone Dragon, it is not a carnivore, nor does it feast on rotting meat. Instead, it is entirely peaceable and tucks into fruit. Dubbed Varanus bitatawa, the lizard measures two metres (6.5 feet) in length, according to the account, published by Britain’s Royal Society – Read Article

AP source confirms video of Baghdad firefight

AP – A gritty war video circulating on the Internet that shows U.S. troops firing repeatedly on a group of men – some of whom were unarmed – walking down a Baghdad street is authentic, a senior U.S. military official confirmed Monday. The official said the video posted at Wikileaks.org was of a July 12, 2007, firefight involving Army helicopters in the New Baghdad District of eastern Baghdad. Read article

Secret cost of Commonwealth Games revealed

Stuff – Over 70 people have died in raced construction work on the Commonwealth Games in India’s capital Delhi, the news magazine Outlook reported today. It revealed 2000 boys aged between 14 and 16 are also working on the games sites “in gross violation of labour laws”. The magazine says the games venues will be ready by October for the games. Read Article

Middle-aged Americans reporting more mobility related disabilities, study finds

Phys Org.com – The proportion of older middle-aged Americans who report disabilities related to mobility increased significantly from 1997 to 2007, in contrast to the disability decline that has been found among Americans ages 65 and over, according to a new study by the RAND Corporation and the University of Michigan. Read article