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Domestic Detox: Extreme Home Cleaning

NY Times-WHEN Matthew Waletzke appeared at the door of my East Village apartment to evaluate my home for what he calls “toxic exposure” — the alternative world’s catch-all phrase for potential health hazards like mold, indoor air pollution, household chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (beware your Wi-Fi!) — I half-expected to see a guy in an “Andromeda Strain”-era hazmat suit -Read Article

Wayne Madsen: Japan real target of Korea attack

RT – Was the destruction of the South Korean warship Cheonan a provocation? Can it be compared to the Gulf of Tonkin? RT contributor Wayne Madsen says that the sinking of the warship was really intended to convince Japan not to move US forces off Okinawa as well as divert the attention of Americans from the dire economic situation at home.

Number of teenagers to fall by 1?2million in seven years

Daily Mail – The number of teenagers living in Britain will decline by almost 10 per cent over the next decade, research shows. By 2017 there will be just 4.9million, down from 5.4million today, according to projections by the Office of National Statistics. Researchers say the decline will have a knock-on effect on the education system and lead to redundancies amongst secondary school teachers. Read article

Palestinians killed in tunnel blast

ABC – Six Palestinians were killed and several injured when a cooking gas canister smuggled from Egypt exploded in a tunnel, medical workers said. Palestinians use tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border to smuggle in everything from staples to weapons, to skirt an Israeli blockade on the enclave. Read article

China warns debt woes threaten global recovery

Reuters – China warned on Monday that Europe’s struggle to contain ballooning debt posed a risk to global economic growth, raising the specter of a double-dip recession. Premier Wen Jiabao, addressing business leaders during an official visit to Japan, issued his warnings a day after France admitted it will struggle to keep its top credit rating and days after a downgrade of Spain’s credit status again jolted financial markets. Read Article

Thai PM accused of human rights abuses

ABC – Thailand’s prime minister has been accused of violating the human rights of anti-government Red Shirt protesters. The accusation was made during a heated parliamentary no-confidence debate. The Thai opposition says prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva violated the rights of protesters when he ordered the military to disperse them from their protest site. Read Article

Let’s get straight to the point, acupuncture DOES ease pain

Daily Mail – Those who swear that acupuncture helps ease their pain may, it seems, have a point. Scientists have found the treatment, which involves sticking needles into the body’s ‘pressure points’, triggers the release of a flood of natural painkillers.
The findings are a boon for the ancient Chinese art that has traditionally been derided by many as pseudo-science. Read Article