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Drone strikes on Pakistan hit 100 under Obama

Daily Telegraph – A deadly wave of American drone strikes in Pakistan’s border region has taken the total number launched during Barack Obama’s presidency to more than 100, representing a significant surge in attacks. Read Article

Afghanistan bus blast ‘kills 20′

BBC – Twenty people have died with another two dozen injured in Afghanistan when the bus they were travelling on hit a roadside bomb, the local governor says. The bus was travelling on a highway in Nimroz province, the governor of Nimroz province told news agencies. Read Article

Violent Spacequakes Shake Earth’s Magnetic Field

Space-Like an earthquake in space, so-called spacequakes are temblors in Earth’s magnetic field caused by plasma flying off the sun that could help generate the colorful auroras that dance high in Earth’s atmosphere, a new study suggests. While felt most strongly in Earth orbit, these quakes can also reach all the way down to the surface of Earth itself -Read Article

New Documentary on OYEN – Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases

Can vitamin D help prevent certain cancers and other diseases such as type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain autoimmune and chronic diseases? To answer these questions and more, UCSD School of Medicine and GrassrootsHealth bring you this innovative series on vitamin D deficiency. Nationally recognized experts as they discuss the latest research and its implications. In this program, Michael Holick, MD, discusses vitamin D relating to bone and muscle health and the prevention of autoimmune and chronic diseases. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Twelve killed in Iraq as Shiite pilgrimage ends

AFP – A series of attacks in Baghdad and a holy Iraqi city killed 12 people, while five others died in a helicopter crash, as major religious ceremonies came to a close, officials said on Wednesday. In the deadliest attack, mortars killed seven people and wounded 46 in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, south of Baghdad, as pilgrims gathered late on Tuesday to mark the birthday of the Mahdi, the 12th and last Shiite imam. Read Article

Ageing cells lose protein pumps

Nature – A family of proteins that pump molecules across the cell membrane may help to explain why yeast cells, and perhaps the cells of other organisms, are not able to go on producing copies of themselves forever. The same proteins may also partly explain how stem and cancer cells keep dividing. Yeast cells, much like our own cells, have a finite ability to reproduce themselves. A ‘mother’ cell can only produce 20-30 ‘daughters’ before it loses the ability to replicate and dies. Read article

More evidence that BPA laces store receipts

Science News-People interested in limiting exposure to bisphenol A — a hormone-mimicking environmental contaminant — might want to consider wearing gloves the next time a store clerk hands over a cash-register receipt. A July 27 report by a public-interest research group has now confirmed many of these receipts have a BPA-rich powdery residue on their surface. But you can’t tell which ones on the basis of a visual inspection -Read Article

Excessive Intake of Omega 6 and Deficiencies in Omega 3 Induce Obesity Down the Generations

ScienceDaily — Chronic excess of linoleic acid (omega 6), coupled with a deficiency in alpha-linoleic acid (omega 3), can increase obesity down the generations. This has been demonstrated for the first time by Gérard Ailhaud (Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis) working in collaboration with three CNRS laboratories and one INRA laboratory. The researchers exposed several generations of male and female adult and young mice to a “Western-like” diet of this type, and then assessed the consequences of such a lipid environment in the human diet. Read article

GE pays $23m after Iraq probe

Financial Times – General Electric has agreed to pay $23.5m to settle allegations from US regulators that its subsidiaries bribed Iraqi officials to win contracts under the United Nations Oil for Food Programme between 2000 and 2003. The settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission is the second in as many years for GE. Last year, the company agreed to pay $50m to resolve charges of accounting fraud relating to hedging activities in 2002 and 2003 Read Article

Gulf flow has stopped, but where’s the oil?

AP-In the nearly two weeks since a temporary cap stopped BP’s gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, not much oil has been showing up on the surface of the water. Scientists caution that doesn’t mean the crude is gone. There’s still a lot of it in the Gulf, though no one is sure quite how much or exactly where it is. “You know it didn’t just disappear,” said Ernst Peebles, a biological oceanographer -Read Article

Congressmen Call for End to 11-Year Persecution of Falun Gong

Epoch Times – On the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol at high noon on Thursday, about 500 Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners from around the world gathered in protest of the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of the meditation practice for the past 11 years. Members of Congress, human rights activists, and Christian organizations joined offering their support for a new dawn of religious freedom in China. Read Article

Big war boost – $33bn – clears Congress, despite Afghan leak

AP – The House on Tuesday sent President Barack Obama a major war-funding increase of $33 billion to pay for his troop surge in Afghanistan, unmoved by the leaking of classified documents that portray a military effort struggling between 2004 and 2009 against a strengthening insurgency. The House voted, 308-114, to approve the spending boost for the additional 30,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Other non-war provisions brought the total bill to nearly $59 billion. Read Article

BP gets “wake-up call” and $32 billion in spill charges

Reuters – BP Plc’s newly named chief executive on Tuesday called the Gulf oil spill a “wake-up call” for the entire industry as the company tallied up its losses and disclosed two U.S. investigations. Bob Dudley, who will replace gaffe-prone Tony Hayward as CEO on October 1, said safety would be among his highest priorities as he tries to refurbish the oil company’s battered reputation -Read Article

Britons to be spied on by foreign police

Telegraph – The power allows prosecutors from any EU country to demand details such as DNA or even bank and phone records on anyone they suspect of a crime. Officers in the UK would be almost powerless to refuse the request even if they believed it was disproportionate to the alleged offence being investigated. They could also be told to carry out investigations and live surveillance for their EU counterparts, despite already stretched resources. Read Article

U.S. can’t account for $8.7 billion of Iraq’s money: audit

Reuters – The U.S. Department of Defense was unable to account properly for $8.7 billion of Iraqi oil and gas money meant for humanitarian needs and reconstruction after the 2003 invasion, according to an audit released on Tuesday. The figure is nearly 96 percent of the $9.1 billion funneled to the Pentagon from the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), said the audit report from the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) Read Article

New OYEN Podcast: Oceanic Plastic, Big Brother, The state of the US economy

On Saturday 10th July, the editor of www.OpenYourEyesNews.com, James Fairbairn, made another guest appearance on 720 ABC Radio in Perth, Western Australia to discuss with host, James Lush, some of the key news events of recent weeks. The interview covered the following:

  • Oceanic plastic pollution
  • New technology that allows Big Brother to listen to your conversations, and for Apple to know your exact whereabouts
  • Some of the similarities between the US economy now and 1932

Check out our latest interview on our new Podcast channel and please subscribe to keep up to date with future episodes of OpenYourEyesNews

St. Lucia: Volcanic island seeks geothermal power

AP-The volcanic island of St. Lucia plans to tap geothermal power trapped beneath sulfur springs and roiling mud pools in a rare attempt at developing alternative energy sources in the Caribbean. The chief of Qualibou Energy Inc. said Monday that the company has signed a 30-year contract with St. Lucia’s government to extract geothermal power in a remote area where fumaroles are flooded with water heated by hot rocks below. Stephen Baker, CEO of the renewable energy development company based in Nevada, said the area of underground cauldrons has proven reserves of 30 megawatts and potential reserves of an additional 140 megawatts -Read Article

International formula milk marketing code mired in 3 decades of dispute

PhysOrg.com – An international marketing code for formula milk, intended to foster global cooperation among governments, industry, and aid agencies, has instead been mired in three decades of often bitter dispute, claims a child nutrition expert in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. As long as hostilities continue, improvements in maternal, infant, and child nutrition will be less likely, says Professor Stewart Forsyth, formerly of NHS Tayside. Read article

The science fiction that turned into science fact

Daily Telegraph – From HG Wells’s Time Machine to Star Trek’s phasers, science fiction has always tantalised the imagination. Some ideas, such as the satellites first envisaged by Arthur C Clarke, have transformed the world. Others, such as the cloned dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, have proved a distant dream. But slowly, the fantasies seem to be seeping into reality: last week alone, quantum physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with a working theory of time travel; a flying car entered production in the United States; and parents panicked over the idea of their children becoming addicted to a “digital drug”. To test whether we’re finally living in the future, we look at 10 sci-fi predictions that have come true – after a fashion.  Read Article

New garbage patch discovered in Indian Ocean

Yahoo News-Scientists recently announced the existence of a garbage patch in the Indian Ocean — the third major collection of plastic garbage discovered in the world’s oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located in the North Pacific Ocean gyre, is well known. And more recently scientists confirmed the existence of a second garbage patch in the North Atlantic gyre -Read Article

UK Libel law must be changed to protect free speech, Supreme Court hears

Telegraph – People should be free to criticise each other on the internet without fear of being sued, the Supreme Court heard yesterday in a test libel case which could could make it easier to rely on the fair comment defence. Britain’s highest court is considering what should qualify as “fair comment” for the first time in 20 years after a Motown band brought a libel action against Jason Spiller, its former agent, for remarks made on his website. Mr Spiller has appealed to the court to relax existing libel laws and strengthen the defence of “fair comment” to protect “ordinary people” from the threat of large libel pay-outs. Read Article

Apple accused of censorship after porn disappears from iPad book chart

Telegraph – Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story was ranked first on the iPad in a top 10 that included three other erotic novellas yesterday morning. But all four titles disappeared simultaneously and had been replaced with less risqué books, such as Peter Mandelson’s autobiography, by the afternoon. Read Article

Amazon deforestation in dramatic decline, official figures show

The Guardian-Large-scale deforestation in the Amazon rainforest fell dramatically last year, according to official figures released yesterday. Data from satellite sensors making fortnightly detections of only larger areas of forest destruction (greater than 25 hectares) was 1,500km2 between August 2009 and May 2010, compared with 3,000km2 in the same period a year earlier -Read Article

‘Spontaneous generation’ of prions observed

Nature – ….a group of researchers has observed and reproduced what could be the spontaneous generation of prions… These misfolded proteins, the culprits in Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and scrapie, are highly infectious. …prions are also thought to arise spontaneously in a tiny fraction of humans and other animals. Such de novo prion generation has previously been achieved with animal cells using a method called ‘protein misfolding cyclic amplification’ (PMCA), which involves repeated rounds of ultrasound and incubation. Read article