Margaret Thatcher in cover-up after Czech spy exposed John Stonehouse

The Guardian – Margaret Thatcher agreed to a cover-up when information from a Czech defector confirmed in 1980 that John Stonehouse, the former Labour minister who “did a Reggie Perrin”, had been a spy.At a Downing Street meeting on 6 October 1980 with her home secretary, William Whitelaw, and attorney-general Sir Michael Havers, Thatcher agreed that Stonehouse should not be confronted with the new information nor prosecuted. The decision to keep secret Stonehouse’s espionage followed hard on the heels of the exposure in 1979 of Sir Anthony Blunt, the surveyor of the Queen’s pictures, as a Soviet spy. The confirmation that Stonehouse was a paid spy for the Czechs also makes him the only British politician to have acted as a foreign agent while a minister. Read Article

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