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Rick Perry’s call to prayer draws crowd of 30,000

Guardian – It was billed as a day of prayer and fasting to halt America’s national decline, and about 30,000 answered the call, flooding into Houston’s Reliant stadium for a seven-hour marathon which blended Christian revivalism with hard-headed electoral campaigning. Read article

Workers find lethal radiation levels at Fukushima Daiichi

CNN – Tokyo  — Workers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have discovered a radioactive hot spot far more lethal than anything previously recorded at the damaged facility, the plant’s owner reported Tuesday. Read article

UK soldier ‘collected Taliban body parts’

Indpendent – The Ministry of Defence is investigating claims that a British soldier kept body parts of dead Taliban fighters as “souvenirs”. The allegations, made against a soldier believed to be from The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, are being looked into by the MoD’s Special Investigation Branch. Read Article

US Stocks Plunge in Worst Day in Two Years

New York Times – A roller-coaster session on Monday ended up being the worst day for Wall Street in more than two years. Investors, already concerned about the economy, saw their first opportunity on Monday to shave their portfolios of the assets they viewed as risky. The dropoff comes as the markets struggled to work out the implications of Standard & Poor’s unprecedented downgrade of the nation’s long-term debt Friday night after the markets had closed. At the close of trading, it turned out to be the worst daily decline for the S.& P. 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average since Dec. 1, 2008. All 500 stocks in the S.& P. fell on Monday; the index ended the day down 79.92 points, or 6.66 percent, at 1,119.46. Read Article

British riots spread on third night of violence

Reuters – Riots spread to new areas of London on Monday while looting also erupted in the city of Birmingham as Britain’s worst unrest in decades escalated in a third night of violence. British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his holiday to fly home to tackle the violence, which politicians and police have blamed on criminal thugs and which come amid deep economic gloom in Britain. Read Article

Boston airport expands behavior detection program

CNN – Air travelers departing from Boston Logan International Airport may experience something new during the screening process: a “casual conversation” with security at the checkpoint. On the job training began Tuesday for officers in the TSA’s expanded behavior detection program — a pilot initiative that will be in place in the airport’s Terminal A for 60 days. Logan is the only airport with the pilot program. Read Article

Gold Could Hit $2,000 Despite Slip: Analysts

cnbc – Thursday’s market turmoil pulled gold lower, as speculators liquidated speculative positions, but analysts told CNBC that the longer term flight to safety could now speed up and drive the precious metal towards $2,000 an ounce. Read Article

Chinese wage inflation will cost Aussies at checkout

Herald Sun – IT has been fuelling the Aussie mining boom for a generation. And now, roaring China – for years the go-to economy for low-cost products – is about to fuel a surge in prices at the Aussie checkout. Read Article

Breast screening should be scrapped

The Guardian – A paper published in the current issue of the British Medical Journal is yet another inconvenient truth that demands a complete and unbiased re-evaluation of our national breast screening programme (NHSBSP). The paper, based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) database, set out to demonstrate that the introduction of screening by mammography in some countries in Europe was associated with a steeper fall in mortality from breast cancer than in neighbouring countries that had delayed offering this service. To their surprise they discovered that paired neighbouring countries had experienced the same and very welcome fall in breast cancer mortality whether or not screening had been introduced. Read article

Israelis plan million-strong march as protesters call for social justice

Guardian – Activists behind spiralling protests in Israel plan to build on one of the biggest marches ever seen in the country by piling on “more pressure, more people, more tents and more protests” culminating in a million-strong march in 50 cities next month. Read article

Libya: children killed in Nato air strike on Zlitan

Telegraph – The Libyan government shows journalists the bodies of two children and their mother who it claims were killed in a Nato air strike in the coastal town of Zlitan. Residents from the town said the strike happened just after 6am, killing brothers Mohammed, three, and Moataz, five, and their mother Ibtisam. Read Article

NATO airstrike kills 8 Afghan civilians

Press TV – Eight civilians, including women and children, have been killed in a US-led NATO airstrike in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Provincial officials said the attack was carried out at 2 p.m. local time on Friday after Taliban militants attacked US-led troops in the area, a Press TV correspondent reported. NATO has not commented on the incident. Read Article