Q & A: Retractions – Is the pressure of the publish-or-perish mentality driving more researchers to misconduct?

The Scientist – After six articles from a single research group—the laboratory of Naoki Mori at the University of the Ryukyus in Japan—were retracted from ‘Infection and Immunity’ earlier this year, Editor-in-Chief Ferric Fang did some soul searching. He and Arturo Casadevall, editor-in-chief of the American Society for Microbiology journal mBio and Fang’s long-time friend and colleague, decided to explore the issue more deeply in an editorial published this week (8th Aug.) in Infection and Immunity. Fang, a bacteriologist at the University of Washington, recently talked with The Scientist about the rising number of retractions, why high profile journals may have more retractions, and what pressures lead some scientists to fudge their data. Read article
(August 8)