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Seven Iraqis killed in Turkish airstrike: mayor

Reuters – Seven Iraqis were killed in a Turkish air strike in Iraq’s semi-autonomous northern Kurdish zone on Sunday, a local mayor and witnesses said, the first civilian casualties reported during Ankara’s bombing campaign against Kurdish rebels. Kurdish politicians condemned the raids, which Ankara launched on Wednesday against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels after increased attacks in southeastern Turkey, saying cross-border strikes were contrary to international norms. Read Article

U.S. – Investors seeing gold in farmland, infrastructure

(Reuters) – The overall economymay be struggling against a double-dip recession but in farm country the boom times have rarely been better.

Farmland prices are setting records and farmer incomes have been buoyed by exports and biofuels, easing the pain of some rough summer weather from drought, floods and fires.

Amid China’s voracious appetite for grains and worries about climate hurting crops and food supplies in many countries, U.S. agriculture’s attraction as the world’s breadbasket has become a beacon for Wall Street. Read Article

Scotland’s uni funding system faces legal challenge

BBC – A leading human rights lawyer is planning a legal challenge to Scotland’s university funding system. Phil Shiner said the policy breaches the European Convention on Human Rights by charging students from other parts of the UK to study north of the border. Scottish students studying at home do not pay tuition fees while some 22,000 English students in Scotland do. The Scottish government has defended its policy and says it is acting within the law. Read Article