Greek PM ‘set to Quit’. Likely replacement former vice-president of the European Central Bank & Trilateral Commission member

Daily Mail – The Greek eurozone bailout fiasco descended into total farce this afternoon as Prime Minister George Papandreou apparently called off his plans for a referendum. After an emergency Cabinet meeting, Papandreou also announced that he had no intention of resigning, leaving his fate to tomorrow’s no confidence vote.The remarkable about turn left some commentators claiming it had all been a ploy to get the Opposition to support the euro bailout.It is believed his Pasok party will now speak to with the main Opposition party, New Democracy, to hammer out a deal to take the country forward. Lucas Papademos, the former vice president of the European Central Bank. He is a well-respected figure in Greece and is expected to head up any coalition government Read Article

Editorial Comment – Lucas Papedemos resume includes; Ex Federal Reserve bank of Boston, Ex Governor of the Greek Central Bank, Ex Vice President of the European Central Bank and he is a Trilateral Commission member.