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Seasonal flu may not spring from east Asia

New Scientist – Flu season is due any day in Europe and North America, but it may not spring from east Asia as many thought. Researchers may need to monitor flu evolution over more of the planet to match vaccines to next winter’s flu. In 2008 the first global genetic analysis of flu viruses found that flu’s annual rampage through the northern, then southern hemisphere’s winter is seeded from China and its neighbours. The virus strains’ family trees suggested that flu always circulates locally in east Asia before emerging from this crucible for its global excursions. New work suggests the situation is not so simple. Read article

Long Lines Form as Egyptians Vote in Historic Election

NYTimes – Defying expectations of chaos and violence, unexpectedly large crowds of voters turned out at dawn Monday to cast their votes in Egypt’s first parliamentary election since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in February. Read article

Europe plan to ‘green’ public buildings to cost £50bn

Telegraph – Taxpayers will have to pay billions of pounds a year equipping council houses, town halls, hospitals and other public buildings with the latest green technology, under new proposals by the European Commission. Read article

FARC rebels execute 4 military hostages: Colombia

Reuters – Colombian FARC rebels executed four members of the security forces during a botched mission to free them from a decade as hostages, the most violent act by the group since troops killed its leader Alfonso Cano this month. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which has a policy of killing hostages if troops approach their camps, shot three of the captives in the head and the fourth in the back, President Juan Manuel Santos said. The bodies were found in chains, he said. Read Article

Iraq hit by series of fatal bombings

Guardian – A series of bomb blasts in central Iraq have killed 15 people, police officials said. Two devices exploded at a meeting place for labourers in the mostly Sunni village of al-Zaidan, near the town of Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. The explosions killed seven people and wounded 11 others, the officials said. Street vendors and shoppers also appear to have been targeted in an attack in central Baghdad just hours later. A further three bombs went off near stalls selling CDs and military uniforms in the city’s Bab al-Sharqi market district, killing eight people and wounding 19 others. Read Article

Junk Bonds Beating U.S. Equities by 53% Shows No New Recession

Bloomberg – Junk bonds (X) are poised to extend their lead over U.S. equities into a fifth year as debt investors bet that the American economy will keep expanding even if profit growth slows. Speculative-grade debt has beaten the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) by 53 percentage points since October 2007, as the bonds returned 34 percent and the benchmark measure for U.S. equity fell 19 percent, according to data compiled by Barclays Plc and Bloomberg. Read Article

Mexico eyes legal action against ICC case “slander”

Reuters – Mexico is exploring legal action against activists who asked the International Criminal Court to investigate officials for allowing subordinates to kill and torture civilians as the government battles against drug gangs, President Felipe Calderon’s office said on Sunday. Calderon’s office called the accusations “absurd” and said the security policy of a democratic state that investigates human rights abuses could not be compared to the war crimes committed by authoritarian states. Read Article

A Fifth of Global Energy Could Come from Biomass Without Damaging Food Production

ScienceDaily — A new report suggests that up to one fifth of global energy could be provided by biomass (plants) without damaging food production. The report reviews more than 90 global studies. It has been produced by the Technology and Policy Assessment function of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), which addresses key controversies in the energy field, and aims to provide authoritative and accessible reports that set very high standards for rigour and transparency. Read article

Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and the curious case of Our Man in Tel Aviv

Independant – This odd trio met six times – not that the Government wants you to know that, of course. What did they discuss? Did it include Iran? And who exactly is Adam Werritty? Brian Brady investigates a Whitehall mystery which is slowly unravelling Read article

Violence mars DR Congo election build-up

BBC – The clashes prompted police to ban final rallies, due ahead of Monday’s parliamentary and presidential vote. Police later moved in to end a stand-off with supporters of the main opposition candidate, Etienne Tshisekedi in the capital. Read article

Anders Behring Breivik’s calls to police are made public

Guardian – A recording of a call made by Anders Behring Breivik to Norwegian police in which he offers to surrender after shooting a number of people on Utøya island has been released. The audio clip is the first time the public have been able to hear the voice of the rightwing fundamentalist, who killed eight people in a bomb attack in Oslo before going on to shoot dead 69 more on Utøya on 22 July. Read Article

Oceans Teem with Tiny Plastic Particles

Scientific American – Swirls of trashed plastic litter the seven seas. But it’s not the enormous plastic patches that pose the biggest pollution problem. Instead it’s bits of plastic less than one millimeter in size. Such microplastic litters shorelines like grains of sand, floats in the open ocean and even sinks down to the deep sea. And sampling the microplastic on shorelines reveals that most of it comes from sewage. That’s according to an analysis in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. [Mark Anthony Browne et al., "Accumulation of Microplastic on Shorelines Woldwide: Sources and Sinks"] Read Article

Rebel army calls for air strikes on Syria

Economic Times – Free Syrian Army chief Riyadh al-Asaad on Thursday called for foreign air strikes on “strategic targets” in Syria to speed up the fall of the regime, in a telephone interview with AFP. “We are not in favour of the entry of foreign troops as was the case in Iraq but we want the international community to give us logistical support,” said FSA chief Colonel Asaad, who is based across the border in Turkey. Read Article

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Climate Fact Of The Day – Global, Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Area 1979-2011

Tensions Flare Between U.S. and Pakistan After Strike

NY Times – Pakistani officials said on Saturday that NATO aircraft had killed at least 25 soldiers in strikes against two military posts at the northwestern border with Afghanistan, and the country’s supreme army commander called them unprovoked acts of aggression in a new flash point between the United States and Pakistan. The Pakistani government responded by ordering the Central Intelligence Agency to vacate the drone operations it runs from Shamsi Air Base, in western Pakistan, within 15 days. It also closed the two main NATO supply routes into Afghanistan, including the one at Torkham. NATO forces receive roughly 40 percent of their supplies through that crossing, which runs through the Khyber Pass, and Pakistan gave no estimate for how long the routes might be shut down. Read Article

Volcano spews ash, steam nears Mexico City

Herald Sun – MEXICO’S Popocatepetl volcano is spewing a three-kilometre plume of ash into the air near the capital. “The surrounding villages are calm. The explosions came after breaking through a dome of lava, but there is no incandescent lava flowing from the crater,” Puebla civil protection director Jesus Morales said today. The volcano, located some 55km from Mexico City, has ejected ash and steam from its crater, Mr Morales said. Read Article

Workers Strike at Apple/IBM Plant in China

Daily Tech – Employees at a plant in southern China, which makes certain components for Appleand IBM, went on strike this week citing a list of complaints including long working hours. According to China Labor Watch (CLW), a New York-based non-government organization that defends the rights of workers in China, approximately 1,000 workers at the southern China plant went on strike. Read article

UN ‘ready’ to support Syria mission

Irish Times – The United Nations is ready to support a proposed Arab League peace monitoring mission to Syria, where an eight-month crackdown on protests had led to thousands of deaths, a UN spokesman said today. The pan-Arab body said in a statement yesterday it was urging the United Nations to take “necessary measures according to the UN charter to support the Arab League’s effort to settle the complicated situation in Syria.” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed today what he called the league’s “proposal to send an observer mission to protect civilians in Syria” and strongly urged Damascus to give its “consent and full cooperation.” Read Article

Italian Parliamentary question on Israeli F-16 aircraft activities in Decimomannu (Sardinia)

Avio News – On November 14, 2011, ‘Peacereporter.net’ published an article entitled ‘Italia, la base delle vergogna’. The news article derived from news taken from a blog stating that on November 19, 2010 in Decimomannu in Sardinia, during a ‘Vega’ training session, an Israeli pilot made a highly dangerous maneuver. After taking off from the Sardinian base, an F-16 aircraft of IAF’s (Israeli Air Force) 106th Squadron, performed a 360 degrees rotation (‘Tonneau’, in aviation acrobatics jargon). This maneuver had been executed ‘Without reason nor advantage’: these are the words with which an Israeli military court sentenced the pilot to seven days in jail and a year’s suspension from flying. The source of news is the site ‘JewPI.com’. Read Article

Hawaiian volcano erupts

A fresh eruption by Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has sent
fountains of lava spewing into the air.

Pay gap widens between rich and poor

Guardian – Growing discontent about the gulf between rich and poor was underlined on Wednesday by official figures showing the gap between Britain’s highest and lowest paid workers has widened dramatically over the past year. Read Article

Dow, S&P Log Worst Thanksgiving Week Since 1932

CNBC – Stocks closed in negative territory in thin, shortened trading Friday as investors were reluctant to go long ahead of the weekend and amid ongoing worries over the euro zone.The Dow and S&P posted their worst Thanksgiving week since the Great Depression on a percentage basis. Read article

UK women are ‘fattest in Europe’

BBC – The UK has more obese women than any other country in Europe, according to European Union figures. Data agency Eurostat, which looked at 19 countries, found nearly a quarter of UK women – 23.9% – were recorded as being obese in the year 2008 to 2009. Just over 22% of UK men were classed as obese, coming second only to Malta. Read article