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US: Spending on depression up, quality of care lagging

Reuters – Spending on depression has gone up by nearly a third with no clear improvement in the quality of care, according to Medicaid claims data from Florida. The uptick in spending was fueled mainly by prescriptions of psychiatric drugs, in particular antipsychotics, while the use of psychotherapy and hospitalizations dropped between 1996 and 2006. Read article

DR Congo election results delayed by 48 hours

BBC – Publication of presidential election results in the DR Congo has been delayed by 48 hours because of technical difficulties, officials say. Read article

Lobby firm ‘boasted of easy access to Cameron’: Allegations follow premier’s warning of ‘next big scandal’

DailyMail – Executives at a major lobbying firm have been secretly recorded bragging about their ability to directly influence David Cameron and other senior Coalition figures. Tim Collins, managing director of public affairs firm Bell Pottinger, claimed to have high-level access to the Prime Minister, Chancellor George Osborne, Mr Cameron’s policy chief Steve Hilton and Downing Street chief of staff Ed Llewellyn. He said the company had used the access to Downing Street to get Mr Cameron to speak to the Chinese premier on behalf of a business client within 24 hours of asking him to do so. Read article

South Korea Pushes to Acquire 30% More of South African Rare Earths Mine

International Business Times – After acquiring a 10 per cent stake in a rare earth metals (REM) mine project in South Africa with Canada’s Frontier Rare Earths Ltd., Korea Resources Corporation (KORES) of South Korea advanced further to increase its stake allocation to 30 per cent in the Zandkopsdrift project. Read Article

Australian Mansor Almaribe faces 500 lashes for blasphemy

Herald Sun – The Federal Government will “urgently” seek leniency after a Victorian man was sentenced to a year in jail and 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia for religious offences. Father-of-five Mansor Almaribe, 45, was charged with blasphemy last month while participating in the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca. The Shiite Muslim was initially sentenced to two years in jail and 500 lashes but then reduced the sentence to one year and 500 lashes. Read Article

How to turn off Carrier IQ on your iPhone

Network World – Toggling ‘Diagnostics & Usage’ to ‘Off’ disables Carrier IQ on an iPhone. iPhone users can turn off the Carrier IQ software that’s raised a ruckus among consumers, bloggers and privacy advocates with just four taps. Although earlier Thursday Apple said that its newest mobile operating system, iOS 5, does not support the Carrier IQ software, it slipped in a caveat. Read Article

Apple, Samsung and six more companies sued over Carrier IQ scandal

BGR – Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Carrier IQ have been sued in a federal court by what the lawyers involved have deemed a “cell phone tracking software scandal.” Law firms Sianni & Straite LLP, Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow & McElroy LLP, and Keefe Bartels L.L.C. have jointly filed a class action complaint in a Delaware Federal Court related to the “unprecedented breach of the digital privacy rights of 150 million cell phone users.” Read Article

Prostate cancer hormonal therapy cuts deaths: report

Reuters – For men with aggressive prostate cancer, hormone-targeted therapy cuts the overall risk of death, according to a new review of past studies. It also does not increase the chance that men will die from cardiovascular disease — which some research had suggested might be the case, researchers reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday. Read article

Argentina launches naval campaign to isolate Falkland Islands

Telegraph – Argentina has launched a naval campaign to isolate the Falkland Islands that has seen it detain Spanish fishing vessels on suspicion of breaking the country’s “blockade” of the seas around the British territories. Read article

U.S. Military Sources: Iran Has Missing U.S. Drone

Fox – A U.S. super-secret spy plane believed to be in Iranian possession could be a major loss for the U.S. military — and a major gain for Iran. According to a senior U.S. military source with intimate knowledge of the Sentinel drone, the aircraft likely “wandered” into Iranian air space after losing contact with its handlers and is presumed to be intact since it is programmed to fly level and find a place to land, rather than crashing. Read Article

Africa Is Losing Its Deforestation Battle and Action Needed, Say Experts (AfDB)

Sponsor Wire – The UN-based fund that helps compensate developing countries combat deforestation should start fighting the causes as well as the effects. That was one of the main recommendations from forestry experts who gathered at the climate change conference, COP 17, in Durban. The discussion mainly focused on deforestation in Africa, particularly in the Congo Basin, which has the second largest rainforest after South America. Read article

Brazil says Amazon deforestation down to lowest level

PhysOrg.com – The head of the National Institute of Space Research (INPE), Gilberto Camara, said deforestation dropped to 6,238 square kilometers (2,408 square miles), between August 2010 and July this year, down 11 percent compared with the same period in 2009-20100. “It’s the lowest deforestation rate measured since INPE began its monitoring in 1988,” Camara told a press conference. Read article

Builders Shrink ‘Great Australian Dream’ as Housing Falters

Bloomberg – Australian homebuilders are responding to declining demand and higher land costs by reducing the sizes of houses and lots. Stockland, Australia’s biggest listed home builder, has cut the average size of plots in its house-and-land packages by almost 20 percent to 481 square meters (5,177 square feet) over three years. Read Article

Daily News Archive In Focus – Oceans and water (1,431 articles)

Ours is a blue planet, with over 70% of the world’s surface covered by oceans. Naturally, the ocean and waters of our Earth have a significant effect on the biosphere. The water remains in a “water cycle” and oceanic evaporation is the source of most rainfall. With the science of ocean temperatures determining climate and wind patterns, we can safely conclude that our oceans and water have a primary influence on the plants and animals all around the world. For a comprehensive view from a diverse range of sources, read our Oceans & Water news archive of 1,431 articles CLICK HERE

Climate Fact Of The Day – Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere

Source: http://minnesotansforglobalwarming.com/m4gw/2010/07/16/greenhouse_gases_in_atmosphere.jpg

Occupy protesters arrested in Washington

USA: Definition of “normal” aluminum in kids varies

Reuters – Some parents want their children to be tested for aluminum, but there’s no agreement on what “normal” levels of the metal are, a new study finds. Aluminum is everywhere, in the air, soil, water and food. Exposure to high levels — in some workplaces with aluminum dust, for instance — can be toxic. But no one is sure what health effects, if any, everyday exposures might have. Still, similar to the case with mercury, some parents have concerns that aluminum exposure could have contributed to their children’s autism or other developmental disorders. Read article

Guardian journalist admits hacking phone of arms dealer… but claims it was ‘for ethical reasons, not tittle-tattle’

Mail Online – Illegal phone-hacking may be justified in the public interest if it exposes corruption, an investigative journalist told the Press standards inquiry yesterday. David Leigh, an assistant editor at the Guardian newspaper, said he had once hacked the phone of an arms dealer and believed the circumstances made it ‘perfectly ethical’. Read Article

Majority for Putin’s Party Narrows in Rebuke From Voters

NYTimes – United Russia, the governing party of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, suffered surprisingly steep losses in parliamentary elections on Sunday and was barely clinging to a 50 percent majority, with 95 percent of the votes counted. Read article

Blasts across Afghanistan target Shi’ites, 59 dead

Reuters – A suicide attack killed dozens of Shi’ite Muslims at a crowded Kabul shrine on Tuesday, and four others died in a smaller blast in a key northern city, in the worst sectarian violence Afghanistan has seen since the fall of the Taliban. Read Article

Ireland expected to announce raise in VAT to 23%

BBC – Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny has made a television address to warn the nation it faces new spending cuts and tax rises, despite its bailout. The Irish government is expected to announce it is putting up VAT to 23%, as part of a new austerity budget. Read Article

Portugal raids pension funds to meet deficit targets

Telegraph – The cabinet agreed to transfer the assets from four of Portugal’s biggest banks to the state balance sheet. The assets will be used to bridge a gap needed to meet the fiscal deficit target of 5.9pc of GDP set by the terms of the country’s €78bn bail-out from around 10pc in 2010. Read Article

UK – All hospital patients to be barcoded by 2013

Telegraph – The barcodes, which will be read by handheld scanners, are to be issued to patients from October neaxt year under the orders of the Information Standards Board (ISB) for Health and Social Care. By next April trusts have must plans on how they will implement the change-over. The ISB is imposing the rule to cut down on the number of avoidable errors like patients being given the wrong medication. Read Article

Global Witness Quits Group on ‘Blood Diamonds’

NY Times – An advocacy organization that helped to establish an international certification program to prevent the sale of so-called blood diamonds withdrew from the coalition on Monday, saying the effort was no longer effective. The organization, Global Witness, is the first advocacy group to leave the program, known as the Kimberley Process, which was set up in 2003 because conflicts in Angola and Sierra Leone were being fueled by diamond sales. Read Article

Cores reveal when Dead Sea ‘died’

BBC – Sediments drilled from beneath the Dead Sea reveal that this most remarkable of water bodies all but disappeared 120,000 years ago. It is a discovery of high concern say scientists because it demonstrates just how dry the Middle East can become during Earth’s warm phases. In such ancient times, few if any humans were living around the Dead Sea. Read article