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US State Medicaid spending soars

Reuters – Spending by U.S. states on Medicaid, the healthcare program for the poor, soared last year and will likely continue growing despite measures to contain costs, according to a report released on Tuesday. Total Medicaid spending, excluding administrative costs, likely reached $398.6 billion in fiscal 2011, which ended in June for most states. That was up 10.1 percent from the year before, when spending rose 6 percent, the National Association of State Budget Officers reported. Read article

Russian Mogul Joins the Race Against Putin

NYtimes – There were no balloons or streamers at the hastily arranged news conference on Monday where Mikhail D. Prokhorov announced that he would challenge Vladimir V. Putin in this spring’s presidential elections: just Mr. Prokhorov on the podium, looking grave. Read article

Syria unrest: Deadly clashes hit restive north-west

BBC – Security forces have killed at least 28 people in Syria, activists say, hours after the UN put the death toll from the nine-month-old uprising at 5,000. In the restive north-western province of Idlib, troops reportedly opened fire on a funeral procession following an attack by soldiers who had defected. Activists said people were also killed in the cities of Hama, Homs and Deraa. Earlier, the UN human rights chief recommended that Syria be referred to the International Criminal Court. Read Article

Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol

BBC – Peter Kent said the protocol “does not represent a way forward for Canada” and the country would face crippling fines for failing to meet its targets. The move, which is legal and was expected, makes it the first nation to pull out of the global treaty.Read article

Liege attack: Gunman kills four in Belgium

BBC – A gunman has opened fire in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege, killing at least four people and wounding 123. The man also threw grenades into a crowded square from a rooftop before killing himself, reports say. He was named as Nordine Amrani, aged 33. He was known to police for firearms offences. Officials said the attacker acted alone, ruling out terrorism. The latest victim to die was an 18-month-old girl whom doctors had fought for several hours to save. Read Article

Daily News Archive In Focus – Israel (921 articles)

Read the latest news and comment on Israel from some of the leading news agencies from around the world. Following the 1947 United Nations decision to partition Palestine and declared Israel an independent state the region has never been at peace. Israel has since fought several wars with neighboring Arab states and occupied the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. Keep up to date with a look at our Israel news archive of 921 articles on the topic CLICK HERE

Climate Fact Of The Day – Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) Index 1859 – 2009

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Amo_timeseries_1856-present.svg

Human Right Watch: West ‘ignores Uzbekistan abuses’

BBC – Western governments are ignoring human rights abuses in Uzbekistan as they seek closer ties with the country, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says. In a new report, the campaign group says Uzbekistan is continuing to use torture in its criminal justice system. The report documents cases of detainees being subjected to physical and psychological torture. Read article

We may have glimpsed the Higgs boson, say Cern scientists

Guardian – Scientists believe they may have caught their first glimpse of the Higgs boson, the so-called God particle that is thought to underpin the subatomic workings of nature. Physicists Fabiola Gianotti and Guido Tonelli were applauded by hundreds of scientists yesterday as they revealed evidence for the particle amid the debris of hundreds of trillions of proton collisions inside the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva. Read article

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Joseph Kabila defends DR Congo election

BBC – The Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila has rejected claims that he won elections through widespread rigging. The Carter Center observer group said the results “lack credibility”, while the Catholic archbishop of Kinshasa said they did not reflect “the truth”. Read article

China’s Huawei cuts back in Iran operations

AFP – Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies says it will cut back its business in Iran, where it aids state-run telecom operators, due to the “increasingly complex situation” there. Iran keeps close tabs on its citizens, aided by imported technology, and faces rising Western sanctions over its nuclear programme and the treatment of its people since the state crushed protests over a contested 2009 vote. Huawei will “voluntarily restrict its business development” in Iran “by no longer seeking new customers and limiting its business activities with existing customers”, the Shenzhen-based company said on its website. Read Article

Mom’s Versus Dad’s BRCA

The Scientist – Whether a BRCA mutation is inherited from the mother or father may affect age of diagnosis or even the risk of developing cancer in the carrier, researchers presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium last week. After analyzing 1,889 breast or ovarian cancer patients at the Monter Cancer Center in Lake Success, NY—130 of which knew the parent of origin of either their BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation—the researchers found that the patients were diagnosed 6 to 9 years earlier if the mutation was passed down by the father. “Genetic diseases may display parent-of-origin effects,” Iuliana Shapira, director of cancer genetics at the Monter Cancer Center said in a press release. “Cancer penetrance in mutations carriers may be determined by the parent origin of BRCA mutation.” Read article

Italy starts strikes against Monti’s austerity

Reuters – Italy began a week of strikes by the three biggest labor unions against Prime Minister Mario Monti’s 33-billion-euro austerity package, which the government may soften slightly to meet some of their demands. Read articleRead article

Syria unrest: Local election held despite fighting

BBC – The authorities said the vote would be freer than in previous years, but the opposition has called for a boycott and launched a general strike. Turnout is expected to be very low. Correspondents say many Syrian voters will not risk going to the polls. Read article

Iranian army to practise closing Strait of Hormuz: Minister

Reuters – A member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security Committee said on Monday that the military was set to practise its ability to close the Gulf to shipping at the narrow Strait of Hormuz, the most important oil transit channel in the world, but there was no official confirmation. The legislator, Parviz Sarvari, told the student news agency ISNA: “Soon we will hold a military manoeuvre on how to close the Strait of Hormuz. If the world wants to make the region insecure, we will make the world insecure.” Contacted by Reuters, a spokesman for the Iranian military declined to comment. Read Article

Overfishing is depleting marine predator populations: study

FIS – Overfishing has resulted in a 90 per cent-drop in top predators since the 1950s in half of the North Atlantic and North Pacific waters under Canadian jurisdiction. Moreover, the trend is spreading southward, say University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers. Marine predators including sharks, tuna, swordfish and marlins are becoming increasingly rare, and the impacts are now headed south of the equator, declares a new study published online this week in the journal Marine Ecological progress Series. Read article

MF Global execs say they don’t know where the money is

Reuters – MF Global executives will tell lawmakers on Tuesday they do not know what happened to hundreds of millions of dollars in missing customer funds, echoing what their former colleague Jon Corzine told Congress last week. MF Global Chief Operating Officer Bradley Abelow and Chief Financial Officer Henri Steenkamp are due to testify on Tuesday alongside Corzine, who resigned last month after the brokerage filed for bankruptcy. Read article

Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down

PCW – These days, no popular movement goes without an Internet presence of some kind, whether it’s organizing on Facebook or spreading the word through Twitter. And as we’ve seen in Egypt, that means that your Internet connection can be the first to go. Whether you’re trying to check in with your family, contact your friends, or simply spread the word, here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can’t rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections. Read article