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Iowa GOP won’t declare a winner of state caucuses

AP – The final, certified results announced Thursday in Des Moines by Iowa Republican Chairman Matt Strawn had Rick Santorum 34 votes ahead of Mitt Romney. But Strawn said the party cannot declare a winner because the results are incomplete – eight of the state’s 1,774 precincts did not report their certified totals by Wednesday’s 5 p.m. deadline. Read article

Radioactive material stolen from nuclear power plant in Egypt

BikyaMasr – Radioactive material has been stolen from a nuclear power station on Egypt’s Northern coast, according to a report from Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper. A safe containing radioactive material was stolen from the Dabaa nuclear power plant, and another was broken into, with part of its contents stolen. The Egyptian government has deployed special teams to track down the stolen materials, according to the Al-Ahram report. The Dabaa plant was the site of mass protests last week, as about 500 Egyptians set out to demand the relocation of the controversial nuclear plant, which is still under construction. Read Article

Report: Afghanistan helo crash kills 6 Marines

Marine Corps Times – A senior defense official says all six reported killed in the crash of a U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan were Marines, according to the Associated Press. The helicopter crashed Thursday in Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand. CBS News and Fox News said the crash involved a Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion. The official says there is no indication that the helicopter was hit by enemy fire, the Associated Press reported. Read Article

Ethiopia forces thousands off land – Human Rights Watch

BBC – US-based Human Rights Watch says people are being forcibly relocated to new villages that lack adequate food, farmland and facilities. Ethiopia has already leased out more than 3.6 million hectares (8.8m acres) of land – an area the size of The Netherlands – HRW says. Addis Ababa rejects HRW’s allegations. Read Article

Greece homeless crisis escalates

Kettling is lawful: UK appeal court

PressTV – Britain’s appeal court has ruled that kettling tactics employed by the British police have been legal despite the high court already criticizing the violent practice. The appeal court has granted the Metropolitan police an appeal victory against a previous ruling by the high court over the kettling tactics they extensively employed during the G20 demonstrations in London in 2009. Read Article

Japan ‘betrayed citizens’ over radiation danger

ABC – Japan has been accused of betraying its own people by giving the American military information about the spread of radiation from Fukushima more than a week before it told the Japanese public. The mayor of a Japanese community abandoned because of its proximity to the Fukushima nuclear plant has told AM the government’s actions are akin to murder. Read article

Israel arrests senior Palestinian Aziz Dweik

BBC – The arrest happened in Jaba between Ramallah and Jerusalem as Dr Dweik was travelling by car to Hebron, Bhaa Youssef said. Israel has confirmed the arrest. Israeli border troops said he was detained for “involvement in terrorist activities”. Witnesses told the Palestinian Maan news agency that Israeli soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded Dr Dweik before taking him to an unknown destination. Read article

Dozens of Tuareg rebels dead in Mali clash, says army

BBC – Forty-five Tuareg rebels have been killed in two days of fierce clashes with Mali’s government troops, the country’s military says. It says that two soldiers also died in the fighting in the vast desert area of northern Mali. Some of the rebels have returned from Libya where they had been part of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces. The Tuareg are calling for an autonomous Azawad region in the north of Mali. Read Article

Four French soldiers die in Afghanistan shooting

BBC – Four French soldiers have been killed in northern Afghanistan after a serviceman from the Afghan National Army opened fire, officials say. Another 16 French soldiers were injured, some seriously, in the incident in Kapisa province. An official told the BBC that an Afghan non-commissioned officer got into a “verbal clash” and opened fire. President Nicolas Sarkozy said France was suspending its training programmes in Afghanistan following the attack. Read Article

McKinsey report shows Britain’s debt addiction now equals FIVE TIMES national GDP

Daily Mail – Britain has the highest level of debt among the major economies bar Japan, research has found. Over the past three years it has risen to more than 500 per cent of national output. The alarming rise since the height of the financial crisis has been fuelled by debt in the financial sector as people seek to borrow their way out of the economic slump, according to consultancy McKinsey. Read Article

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Climate Fact Of The Day – Global Sea Levels 2003 – 2012

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Romania police fire teargas at rally

PressTV – On Thursday, the police arrested about 50 people, who allegedly threw bricks and bottles and other materials at them. Earlier on the day, thousands of protesters, including teenage students who abandoned their classes, held a demonstration demanding the resignation of the government for imposing harsh austerity measures. Read Article

A U.S. Commando Team Is Getting Close to the Iran Border

The Atlantic Wire – An Army officer speaking on behalf of special forces confirmed on Thursday that a team of “highly trained personnel that excel in uncertain environments” are operating near Iran. Spencer Ackerman just published the scoop on Wired’s Danger Room blog. Read Article

Turkey hits back at Iraq’s warning, summons Iraqi envoy

MiddleEastOnline – Turkey summoned Iraq’s ambassador to Ankara to protest claims that it has been meddling in its neighbour’s affairs by voicing concerns about a domestic political crisis, a diplomatic source said Tuesday. Feridun Sinirlioglu, the foreign ministry’s undersecretary, told the Iraqi envoy Monday that the accusation of interference was “unacceptable” and Turkey had a legitimate right to be concerned about events on the other side of its borders. Read article

Afghan suicide attack kills seven at Kandahar airport

BBC – At least seven civilians have died in a suicide attack at an airport used by international forces in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, officials say. The attacker, driving a car, detonated explosives close to a gate at the perimeter of the airport. Nato says none of its personnel was killed. Afghan officials say the victims included two children. The Taliban told the BBC it was behind the attack, which analysts say shows Kandahar’s fragile security situation. Read Article

Hedge Funds May Sue Greece if It Tries to Force Losses

NY Times – Hedge funds have been known to use hardball tactics to make money. Now they have come up with a new one: suing Greece in a human rights court to make good on its bond payments. The novel approach would have the funds arguing in the European Court of Human Rights that Greece had violated bondholder rights, though that could be a multiyear project with no guarantee of a payoff. Read Article

Air Force’s Top Brain Wants a ‘Social Radar’ to ‘See Into Hearts and Minds’

Wired – Chief Scientists of the Air Force usually spend their time trying to figure out how to build better satellites or make jets go insanely fast. Which makes Dr. Mark Maybury, today’s chief scientist, a bit of an outlier. He’d like to build a set of sensors that peer into people’s souls — and forecast wars before they erupt. Read Article

Cuban hunger striker Wilmar Villar dies in jail

BBC – A jailed Cuban political dissident has died, 50 days after beginning a hunger strike, a human rights group says. Wilmar Villar was protesting against a four-year prison sentence for taking part in a demonstration. The Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission said the 31-year-old had died in hospital after being critically ill for several days. Read Article

Mitt Romney Downplays $374,000 In Speaking Fees As ‘Not Very Much’

HuffingtonPost – Mitt Romney has a new definition of “not much”: $374,327. On Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate finally admitted that the effective tax rate he has been paying for the last several years is likely below that of middle-class workers, which would also include military servicemembers. Read article

Polish church faces demands to confront sex abuse

NCR – When Bartek Obloj, a 13-year-old altar boy, hanged himself in his home village of Hludno just before Christmas 2007, he left a letter to his mother complaining of being molested by his parish rector. Police were called and his shocked parents blamed the priest for their son’s death. Read Article

Photography pioneer Kodak files for bankruptcy

Reuters – Eastman Kodak Co, the photography icon that invented the hand-held camera, has filed for bankruptcy protection and plans to shrink significantly, capping a prolonged plunge for one of America’s best-known companies. Read Article