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New alert over Rio Tinto threat to Great Barrier Reef

The Australian – Rio Tinto’s $1.4 billion bauxite mine expansion on Cape York has become the latest flash point over the threats caused by increased shipping in the Great Barrier Reef due to the mining boom. Read Article

Yemen’s leader allowed to come to US

AP – The Obama administration will allow Yemen’s outgoing president to come to the U.S. temporarily for medical treatment, a move aimed at easing the political transition in Yemen, a key counterterrorism partner. A senior administration official said Ali Abdullah Saleh would travel to New York this week, and probably stay in the U.S. until no later than the end of February. U.S. officials believe Saleh’s exit from Yemen could lower the risk of disruptions in the lead-up to presidential elections planned there on Feb. 21. Read article

‘Israel to Give Obama 12 Hours Notice on Attacking Iran’

Israel National News – Israeli officials told visiting USS Chief Joint of Staffs Martin Dempsey that it would give President Barack Obama no more than 12 hours notice if and when it attacks Iran, The London Times reported Sunday. Read Article

Germany, France press for rapid Greek debt deal

Reuters – Euro zone finance ministers Monday rejected as insufficient an offer made by private bondholders to help restructure Greece’s debts, sending negotiators back to the drawing board and raising the threat of Greek default. At a meeting in Brussels, ministers said they could not accept bondholders’ demands for a coupon of four percent on new, longer-dated bonds that are expected be issued in exchange for their existing Greek holdings. Read Article

Canada: Fluoride fight brewing in Tecumseh

CBC – The medical officer of health is to appear before Tecumseh town council Tuesday to defend the use of fluoride in the town’s drinking water. That’s because two groups are banding together to try to convince Tecumseh town council to petition the Windsor Utilities Commission to stop fluoridating the water it supplies to the town. Medical officer of health, Dr. Allen Heimann, is to appear before Tecumseh council with a local dentist to defend water fluoridation. Read article

Association of vascular fluoride uptake with vascular calcification and coronary artery disease.

PubMed – Abstract OBJECTIVE: … The purpose of this study was to assess fluoride uptake of vascular calcification in various major arteries, including coronary arteries. Read Method, Results and Conclusion

New South Wales shire council accused of illegally dumping fluoride

ABC – The Bourke Shire Council has been accused of illegally dumping chemicals at its waste depot plant. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has charged the council with unlawfully transporting and disposing the chemical in October 2010. The council says the fluoride was in its original packaging and shrink wrapped in plastic when it was buried four metres deep at the landfill. The Bourke Shire’s general manager, Geoff Wise, says the council had more of the chemical than it needed and did not realise that it was not permitted to dump the waste at the depot. He says the sodium fluoride has since been removed. Read Article

Editorial Comment – If you dump sodium fluoride (which is classified as hazardous and dangerous) directly into the environment, you will be charged by the EPA, but if you dump fluoride directly into the water supplies – you will be saving the teeth of the disadvantaged kids…Is anything wrong with this picture?

Pakistan Court Widens Role, Stirring Fears for Stability

NYTimes – Pakistan — Once they were heroes, cloaked justices at the vanguard of a powerful revolt against military rule in Pakistan, buoyed by pugnacious lawyers and an adoring public. But now Pakistan’s Supreme Court is waging a campaign of judicial activism that has pitted it against an elected civilian government, in a legal fight that many Pakistanis fear could damage their fragile democracy and open the door to a fresh military intervention. Read article

Flashback, 21 April 2002: Millions were in UK germ war tests

Guardian – The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public. A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979. Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told. Read Article

Euro Strengthens to Two-Week High Against Dollar Before EU Leaders Meet

Bloomberg – The euro strengthened to a more-than two-week high against the dollar on speculation European officials meeting today in Brussels will advance plans to tackle the region’s debt crisis. The 17-nation currency gained versus 13 of its 16 major counterparts tracked by Bloomberg as French Finance Minister Francois Baroin said negotiations between Greece and its private creditors are making “tangible progress.” Read Article

Daily News Archive In Focus – Corruption (1,343 articles)

The saying goes that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Our archive exposes why with the shift of power ending up in the hands of a few, this is shown to have increasingly worrying consequences as we witness the abuse of power by individuals, corporations, and political parties. To read our Corruption news archive of 1,343 articles CLICK HERE

Climate Fact Of The Day – Multivariate Enso Index chart 1950-2012

Source: http://icecap.us/images/uploads/MEI_LONG_TERM_AREA_GRAPH.gif

Europe Stocks Cheapest to U.S. Since ’04 as Net Rises Amid Recession Worry

Bloomberg – European equity valuations have fallen to the lowest levels since 2004 compared with the U.S., as economic forecasts between the two regions diverge by the most since 1998. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index trades at 1.43 times book value, or assets minus liabilities, after falling 11 percent last year. Read Article

Syria denounces Arabs for telling Assad to quit

Reuters – Syria on Monday rebuffed an Arab League call for President Bashar al-Assad to step down in favor of a unity government as interference in its affairs, underlining its determination to defeat a 10-month-old uprising seeking Assad’s overthrow. Read article

Secret plan revealed for new EU taxes on Britain

Telegraph – Germany and France have opened new battlefront with Britain over a demand for new EU powers to set business and energy taxes on top of their push for a controversial Europe-wide levy on financial transactions. Read article

PH, US plan military drills in West Philippine Sea

Reuters – The United States and the Philippines are set to hold military drills that may anger Beijing near disputed waters in the West Philippine Sea, testing their readiness to protect offshore oil and natural gas platforms, a Marine general said on Thursday. Philippines Lieutenant-General Juancho Sabban, military commander on western island of Palawan, said it is the first time an annual exercise will be focused on protecting offshore energy platforms, adding that the drills should not anger China which also has territorial claims in the region. Read Article

AP Interview: US Navy commander concerned South China Sea incident could easily escalate

AP – The U.S. Navy’s top commander in the Pacific says he’s concerned local arguments in disputed oil rich waters near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea could escalate into larger, more serious confrontations. Adm. Patrick Walsh said Tuesday there’s potential for an incident in the South China Sea to intensify much the way tensions between China and Japan spiked after ships belonging to the Asian powers collided near the Senkaku or Diaoyu islands claimed by both nations in 2010. Read Article

A Fine for Not Using a Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist

NY Times – When the companies that supply motor fuel close the books on 2011, they will pay about $6.8 million in penalties to the Treasury because they failed to mix a special type of biofuel into their gasoline and diesel as required by law. But there was none to be had. Outside a handful of laboratories and workshops, the ingredient, cellulosic biofuel, does not exist. Read Article

Greek science on the brink

Nature – “We are trying to survive and go along as if nothing is happening,” says Dimitra Thomaidou, a microscopist at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute in Athens. Despite Greece’s financial crisis, optimism was the prevailing mood at last month’s meeting of the Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Athens, where Thomaidou coordinated a session. Meeting attendance was at a record high, and chat was full of references to fancy equipment purchases and Greek success in winning participation in European research-infrastructure programmes. But as the financial crisis deepens and university and research spending, already among the lowest in Europe, shrink further, staying optimistic is a constant battle. Academic salaries have been cut by 20% and university budgets have halved since the crisis began about two years ago. Still, money from the European Commission and international grants is keeping the best Greek scientists committed to their work. “It may sound irrational, but we just don’t think we can live without our research,” says Thomaidou. Read article

Croatia EU referendum: Voters back membership

BBC – With nearly 99% of the votes counted, 66% of voters backed the membership. About 33% were against. But officials expressed disappointment at the low turnout of about 44%. Croatia signed an EU accession treaty last year and should join in July 2013, once all 27 existing members of the union have ratified the deal. Read article

Norway intelligence chief resigns after hinting Oslo has agents in Pakistan

Telegraph – “The reason is that a possible breach of her duty to maintain confidentiality has been observed through the revelation of classified information,” she added, describing the facts of the case as “extremely serious.” The minister was referring to Ms Kristiansen’s appearance on Wednesday before a parliamentary committee during which she revealed that Norway’s military intelligence, the E Service, had agents in Pakistan. Read article

Foxconn apologises over boss’s ‘animal’ comment

Physorg – Taiwan technology giant Foxconn has apologised over comments by chief Terry Gou (pictured in 2010) allegedly comparing workers to animals, according to a report. Gou drew criticism on online news forums and discussion sites after he was quoted by Taiwanese media as saying “I have a headache how to manage one million animals” at the company’s year-end party in Taipei Zoo earlier this month. Read Article

Human Rights Watch: Iraq becoming ‘police state’

Associated Press – Iraq’s Shiite-led government cracked down harshly on dissent during the past year of Arab Spring uprisings, turning the country into a “budding police state” as autocratic regimes crumbled elsewhere in the region, an international rights groups said Sunday. Iraqi security forces routinely abuse protesters, harass journalists, torture detainees and intimidate activists, Human Rights Watch said in the Iraq chapter of its annual report. Read Article