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Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika ‘dead’

BBC – Mr Mutharika, 78, suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday and state media say he was flown to South Africa for treatment. There are fears that his death could lead to a power struggle. Read article

Narcissists Often Ace Job Interviews, Study Finds

HealthDay News – Really, really liking yourself may give you the edge in your next job interview, a new study suggests. That’s because narcissists, known to be obnoxiously high on self-esteem, are better able to talk about and promote themselves, which projects confidence and expertise to interviewers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers explained. In their two-part study, narcissists scored much higher in a simulated job interview than equally qualified non-narcissists. Read Article

Syria says UN rights chief ignores ‘terrorism’

AFP – Syria lashed out at the UN high commissioner for human rights on Friday, accusing her of turning a blind eye to “terrorism” funded from abroad. Citing a foreign ministry letter to Navi Pillay, state news agency SANA said her “bias against Syria has become evident as she turns a blind eye to terrorism targeting the Syrian people at the hands of armed groups with an external funding.” Read Article

Chasing cheaper cancer drugs

Fox News – In a nondescript suburb south of London, tucked away behind a big hospital, Paul Workman and fellow scientists are celebrating victory in the “World Cup” of cancer drug research for their work in discovering a stream of new medicines.
But the win is bitter-sweet. Read article

Beijing steps up pressure to prevent strike on Iran

JP – A senior Chinese diplomat said on Friday an attack on Iran would invite devastating retaliation that would envelop the region and destabilize the global economic recovery, and added that the international community had to restrain itself from war. Iran is locked in a dispute with the West over its nuclear program, which Iran says is for peaceful purposes. Read article

BASF to undertake GMO potato trials in Europe

Reuters – BASF said on Thursday it will undertake trial cultivation of potatoes containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) this year on less than one hectare on sites in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. The German chemicals group said in January it will transfer its main research into GMOs crops from Germany to the United States because of continued resistance to the crops in Europe. Read article

News Archive In Focus – Middle East (2,832 articles)

The history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times, and throughout its history the area has been a major centre of world affairs. Sitting at the juncture of 3 major continents, it is also the historical origin of major religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Not surprising then, that the region is a hotbed of news and current affairs. Keep up to date with a look at our Middle East news archive of 2,832 articles on the topic CLICK HERE

Climate Fact Of The Day – Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers

Globe & Mail – The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.

The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That’s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears’ ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it’s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

The study shows that “the bear population is not in crisis as people believed,” said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut’s director of wildlife management. “There is no doom and gloom.” CLICK HERE TO READ

Video Of The Week – George Carlin: Arrogance of mankind

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Quotation Of The Week

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

- Albert Einstein

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Food Ingredients Most Prone to Fraudulent Economically Motivated Adulteration

ScienceDaily — In new research published in the April Journal of Food Science, analyses of the first known public database compiling reports on food fraud and economically motivated adulteration in food highlight the most fraud-prone ingredients in the food supply; analytical detection methods; and the type of fraud reported. Based on a review of records from scholarly journals, the top seven adulterated ingredients in the database are olive oil, milk, honey, saffron, orange juice, coffee, and apple juice. Read article

Opinion – U.S. Tort Reform: But What About Citizens?

“Tort Reform?” you think, “damn that sounds dull”. But if you are a US citizen then what is currently being debated in Congress could have a very real impact on you next time you enter the medical system. As our guest writer Allison Dean shows, there is far more to the story than what is being portrayed as a “great saving to taxpayers”, and as ever in the world’s leading democracy, big business interests are driving an agenda that is far from being in the citizens best interests. CLICK HERE TO READ

Monsanto Raises Forecast as Profit Tops Estimates on Corn

Bloomberg – Monsanto Co. (MON), the world’s largest seed company, raised its full-year earnings forecast and reported second-quarter profit that exceeded analysts’ estimates as an early U.S. spring boosted corn plantings. Net income rose 19 percent to a $1.21 billion, or $2.24 a share, in the three months through February, from $1.02 billion, or $1.88, a year earlier, St. Louis-based Monsanto said today in a statement. Earnings excluding legal costs were a record $2.28, topping the $2.12 average of 17 analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Read Article

Bahrain hunger striker’s daughter arrested

CNN – Authorities in Bahrain said Friday that they’ve arrested the daughter of a human rights activist who has drawn international attention and widespread protests with a hunger strike that he’s sustained for nearly two months. Zainab al-Khawaja was detained outside the Interior Ministry complex, said her lawyer, who is also representing her father, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja. Read Article

Asian Arms Race: India to induct nuclear submarine

Reuters – India re-joins elite club of nations operating nuclear-powered submarines. Travis Brecher reports.

Australia: Organic farmer sues over GM contamination

NineMSN – A West Australian organic farmer whose crops were contaminated by genetically modified (GM) canola has lodged a writ in the Supreme Court seeking damages for his loss of income. In what could be a landmark case, farmer Stephen Marsh from Kojonup, in the state’s southwest, is taking his neighbour to court after 70 per cent of his farm was stripped of its organic certification in 2010. Read article

China boosts foreign investment quota

Intel Asia – China has nearly tripled the amount of money foreign institutions can invest in stocks, bonds and bank deposits to $80 billion as it seeks to boost its capital markets. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced late Tuesday that the limit, which applies to selected overseas institutions, would rise from the previous limit of $30 billion. Read Article

US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles

Innovation News – Popular video game consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 may resemble the new battlefields for national security in the eyes of the U.S. military. The U.S. Navy has begun funding a project to hack previously owned game consoles in an effort to dig up gamers’ online chat room information and other stored data. Read Article