Editorial – 16 October 2011

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Is War With Iran Imminent?

This week Nobel Peace Prize Laurette President Obama quietly opened the USA’s 8th battlefront, this time with a troop deployment to another resource rich part of the globe, central Africa. The USA now occupies Iraq and Afghanistan, wages covert war on Pakistan, conducts near daily drone attacks on Yemen and Somalia, and is currently bombarding Libya. Currently the US has 820 military installations in 135 countries worldwide. One can only imagine where else would be recieving liberty in the form of smart bombing if he hadn’t been awarded the Peace Prize.

Where next however is increasingly looking like it will be Iran. Over the last week there has been a very noticeable ratcheting up of rhetoric against Iran, in particular over its supposed WMD program. Are we the only one’s who are getting a sense of Deja Vu here?

Just as before the Second Iraq War of 2003, the Problem, Reaction, Solution play book is quite apparent. Slowly ratchet up tension, so that the public backlash to the inevitable military attack is lessened due to their raised fear of the boogie man.

This week’s big “Nasty Old Iran” story has been the alleged assassination attempt against Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, which was was pinned on an Iranian-American used-car salesman from Texas. The assassination of the Saudi diplomat but also the trafficking of massive amounts of opium, was linked by the Obama administration on the Quds Force, a semi-mythical part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

A Corpus Christi, Texas-based naturalized American citizen with an Iranian passport, Mansour Arbabsiar, a struggling former second-hand car dealer and kebab shop owner with a string of debts and a weakness for whisky, along with an alleged member of the Quds Force based in Iran, Gholam Shakuri, were implicated in the criminal complaint filed by U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday. The operation was allegedly “directed by factions of the Iranian government” and Obama has claimed that “people within the government were aware of a murder-for-hire plot.”

However many are questioning the Obama administrations response, and some the B-Movie like script of the allegations themselves, such as Gary Sick, an expert on Iran at Columbia University and former principal White House aide during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and hostage crisis, however commented that he doubts the legitimacy of Washington’s claims.  Sick writes, “This plot, if true, departs from all known Iranian policies and procedures,” especially because “it is difficult to believe that they would rely on a non-Islamic criminal gang to carry out this most sensitive of all possible missions.”

Meanwhile retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer appeared this week on Fox News saying that an FBI insider told him the dubious terror plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador which has been blamed on Iran was likely manufactured by the Obama administration, because no information about the plot even exists within FBI channels.

Even the New York Times has been suspicious of the dubious nature of the claims. Despite this however the plot is now being cited by numerous senior US politicians such as John Kerry to John McCain as a justification for a potential military strike.

In another tension ratcheting move the US has in the last couple of days used the alleged plot to push for further sanctions against the central bank of Iran.

Also this week, Press TV the foreign arm of the Iranian state broadcaster, was taken off the air in the UK by OfCom, Britain’s Office of Communications, which revoked its broadcasting license. If a war with Iran were to occur, eliminating Press TV in the UK and the US would be a top priority for governments in those countries, as Press TV will be broadcasting a rather different view than the likes of the BBC, Fox News or CNN

Most significantly the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency is next month, according to Le Figaro, preparing to release a document that will link Iran’s nuclear program to weapons development. IAEA boss Yukiya Amano said last month the agency would release more information on Iran’s program. According to Wikileaks documents, Amano has described himself as being in “line with the United States and Israel on key strategic issues“.

With the US economy sitting on the edge of financial oblivion due to the ever increasing and unsustainable debt mountain, and with “Occupy Wall Street Protests” now in over 100 US cities and 80 countries worldwide, what the USA’s peace loving (and figurehead) president really needs now is a good old jingoistic war to divert attention from the calamity that is all around him. After all what has he got to lose? If it results in mass civil disobedience, that may just play into the hands of those who wish to push the Big Brother-esque control agenda that has been slowly rolled out over the last decade, which now even has pre-crime” detection technology at its disposal and a network of FEMA detention camps across the US ready for use.

Add into the mix a deeply unpopular Israeli Prime Minister, whose military has recently taken delivery of significant quantities of US bunker busting bombs, and we potentially have a recipe for disaster. For Iran is not Iraq. It’s military is far stronger, its geographical position across the straits of Hormuz has the potential to massively disrupt global oil supplies, and its supportive organisations such as Hamas are well organised and spread widely.

And what would the reactions of China and Russia be to such action? Both have significant economic interests in Iran. Would they both stand by and watch from the sidelines, or would they too potentially get involved?

All these factors combined could turn a “surgical strike” very quickly into a massive regional or even global war, which would have the very real potential to go nuclear, and whose effects would be profound on an already very weak global economy.

Expect over the next few weeks a flurry of further “Nasty Old Iran” stories coming from media outlets near you. The question is will the population fall for it all over again? In the immortal words of the last actor to hold the figurehead position of President of The USA, George W Bush, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Humanity potentially stands at the edge of the precipice. Can the current awakening of the 99% have a positive impact, or would the psychopathic global elite, have their way and drag us further towards their dystopian dream new world order?