Editorial – 30 December 2011

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The Illusion And The Apparatus To Deal With The Coming Collapse

A nation that has an ever increasing level of national debt  which is already the largest of any country in history.

A nation whose leaders have allowed a near tripling of the money supply in just three years, using that old staple of  printing money in order to get out of a financial crisis, only in reality storing up the fuel for the even bigger crisis to come.

A nation where over half live in poverty, over a third rely on assistance simply to provide food for their families, and where the gap between the have’s and have not’s is increasing at the fastest rate in history.

A nation that portrays itself as a democracy and yet has just two political parties both of which serve the same vested interests of the elite, corporations and the military-industrial complex.

A nation where any non-conformist politicians are either sidelined, ignored or misrepresented in the media, despite massive popular support amongst the actual people.

A nation which holds enemies of the state, both national and foreigner, in a prison system outside the reach of the rule of law.

A nation that near daily carries out targeted political assassination of enemies of the state again both national or foreign.

A nation that is rapidly heading down a path of suppression of the free press with 90% of what is read, listened to or viewed  from the media originating from just six corporations, and the others threatened by hastily drawn up legislation that will have the effect of silencing critics.

A nation whose military has a long history of being directed by politicians into waging aggressive war under false pretences against others, ostensibly for protection against aggressors, but in reality usually for the benefit of corporate interests particularly to gain control of resources, despite the huge human cost.

A nation whose police force is increasingly militarised and equipped with weaponry and legislation that enables any trouble makers to be swiftly dealt with.

A nation that increasingly ignores travellers human rights and dignity under the auspices of protecting freedoms, initially when they sought to go overseas, but increasingly for domestic travellers too.

A nation whose prison population is the largest proportionately in history, increasingly housed in privately run corporate prisons which have considerable political lobbying resources yet which have little commercial incentive to allow their freedom.

A nation that has in recent years undertaken a silent program of building hundred’s of “evacuation camps“, manned and run by private security firms, and yet these camps are surrounded by barbed wire fences and control towers.

A nation whose citizens are amongst the most highly monitored by a state in history.

A nation nearing the end game where an economic collapse, and the threatened destruction of the ruling elite’s power base, could happen swiftly and violently?

We are not describing some Central American banana republic of the 19th Century, but the most powerful and dominant nation, militarily and economically, the world has ever seen. These are not conspiratorial assumptions but the cold hard facts on the ground. Be rest assured the elite and corporate vested interests are well aware of the impending threat, and much of what has occurred over the last decade is in line with historical lessons they will have learnt and are acting upon on how to deal with the threat when the mask of illusion finally falls from the eyes of masses.

The “Occupy” protests of the US fall may have petered out due to a lack of clear direction, media disinterest and the harsh northern winter weather, but it is a fairly safe assumption that when the inevitable economic collapse occurs, most probably in the form of a currency collapse, the people will be back on the street in greater numbers than ever before.

What happens at that juncture will determine the fates of millions. Will the security apparatus of the elite be utilised to crush resitsnace (all in the name of security) or will the forces of peace, human rights and true democracy prevail? We can but hope that it is the latter.