Vietnam puts journalist who exposed police corruption on trial for alleged bribery

Vietnam puts journalist who exposed police corruption on trial for alleged bribery

Washington Post – A Vietnamese journalist who exposed police corruption has gone on trial for offering a bribe that he says was part of his investigation. The state-run Tuoi Tre newspaper says its reporter Hoang Khuong is accused of offering a police officer a bribe of $710. Khuong’s undercover investigation series last year triggered public anger about police corruption and led to the arrest of the officer who allegedly accepted the bribe. Read Article

Gazprom faces EU anti-competition probe

BBC – The European Commission (EC) has said it will investigate Russian energy giant Gazprom for possible anti-competitive practices in central and eastern European gas markets. The commission said it was concerned Gazprom “may be abusing its dominant market position”. It will look at whether the firm restricts the free flow of gas across member states, prevents diversification of supply, and prices gas unfairly. Gazprom said: “Let them investigate.” Read Article

‘Coalgate controversy’: India police raid coal firms

BBC – Police in India are carrying out raids across 10 cities as part of an investigation into alleged corruption in the allocation of coalfields. Police say they are searching the premises of five companies, which allegedly misrepresented facts prior to being allocated the coalfields. Government officials and company employees are also under investigation. State auditors say India lost $33bn (£20bn) allotting coalfields at below market rates in the years up to 2009. Read Article

Inquiry on Tax Strategy Adds to Scrutiny of Finance Firms

NY Times – The New York attorney general is investigating whether some of the nation’s biggest private equity firms have abused a tax strategy in order to slice hundreds of millions of dollars from their tax bills, according to executives with direct knowledge of the inquiry. The attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, has in recent weeks subpoenaed more than a dozen firms seeking documents that would reveal whether they converted certain management fees collected from their investors into fund investments, which are taxed at a far lower rate than ordinary income. Read Article

China city party chief ‘fled with money’

BBC – A former top official of a city in northeast China has fled the country – reportedly with millions of dollars, Chinese reports say. Wang Guoqiang, who was party secretary of Fengcheng city in Liaoning province, left for the United States in April with his wife, the People’s Daily said. Local officials said Mr Wang, who was being investigated for corruption, had been removed from his post, it said. Read article

Editorials @ Open Your Eyes News: The forgotten war – The DRC and turning a blind eye to inhumanity on a biblical scale

The numbers speak for themselves: Up to 5.4 million war fatalities since 1998; an estimated 45,000 being killed each and every month; An estimated 20% women and 22% of men have been raped or had sexual violence used against them; rapes occurring at a rate of 48 every single hour of every single day; more than 43,000 children being used as labour in mines – and yet this stain on the conscience of mankind is virtually never reported in the media. CLICK HERE TO READ

Cuba jails 12 ex-officials in corruption case

BBC – A court in Cuba has sentenced a dozen people who worked in a state company to prison terms ranging from four to 12 years for corruption. They defendants committed their crimes during a project to expand a nickel and cobalt processing plant, the Communist Party newspaper Granma reported. Among those sentenced were three former deputy ministers. President Raul Castro has said that corruption poses the most serious threat to Cuba’s socialist system. Read article

Broker blows whistle on sub-prime scandal

ABC – A WA mortgage broker who got rich by “fudging figures” has blown the whistle on the banks that conspired in Australia’s own sub-prime mortgage scandal. In 2007 Kate Thompson was WA mortgage broker of the year. Now she is facing fraud charges. It is alleged Mortgage Miracles, in Canning Vale in Western Australia, obtained investment loans for customers by using falsely inflated earnings and assets. Ms Thompson admits that is exactly what she did. Read Article

The Yaz Men: Members of FDA panel reviewing the risks of popular Bayer contraceptive had industry ties

Washington Monthly – Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration convened a committee of medical experts to weigh new evidence concerning the potential dangers of drospirenone, a synthetic hormone contained in popular birth control pills including Bayer AG’s Yaz and Yasmin. In a decision that helped ensure the continued presence of these drugs on American pharmacy shelves, the committee concluded by a four-vote margin that the benefits of drugs with drospirenone outweigh the risks. Read Article

Pharma Whistleblower

The Scientist – A former Genentech senior clinical program manager filed a lawsuit against the company claiming she was unfairly dismissed after voicing her concerns that a clinical trial of a promising new drug violated safety regulations and jeopardized the health of its human participants. While she was at Genentech, Juliet Kniley was in charge of the Pi3 Kinase program, which was ushering the cancer drug into clinical trials. Read Article

Israel sniper to get 45 days over Gaza war shooting

AFP – An Israeli soldier implicated in the killing of two Gaza women carrying a white flag faces a 45-day jail term under a plea bargain approved by a military court on Sunday, local media said. The sniper, identified by Israeli media as “staff sergeant S,” was charged with manslaughter in 2010 over the fatal shooting of an unnamed individual, which Palestinian witnesses linked to the killing of 64-year-old Riyeh Abu Hajaj and her daughter Majda Abu Hajaj, 37, during Israel’s “Cast Lead” Gaza offensive. But the Israeli military said the charge had on Sunday been reduced from manslaughter to using a weapon illegally. Read Article

Baba Ramdev India anti-corruption march halted by police

BBC – Police in the Indian capital Delhi have stopped prominent anti-corruption campaigner Baba Ramdev from marching to parliament to stage a protest. Baba Ramdev and his supporters have been detained for allegedly “violating prohibitory laws”. Known as the yoga guru, Baba Ramdev says he is campaigning for the recovery of bribe money allegedly held overseas. He is also demanding stronger anti-corruption laws. He has millions of supporters across India. Read Article

Japan, South Korea spar over islands

Independent – A remarkable 3,400-word article on the trial of Gu Kailai for the murder of the British businessman Neil Heywood has been published by China’s official news agency, Xinhua. It breaks the near-total silence that state-run media had maintained on the case, is of unprecedented length – such statements are normally a few hundred words at most – and discloses new details on the crime, its perpetrator, and the motive. Read Article

Pakistan PM Raja Pervez Ashraf summoned over corruption case

BBC – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has been summoned before the Supreme Court for failing to reopen corruption cases against the president. The move comes two months after Mr Ashraf’s predecessor Yousuf Raza Gilani was found guilty of contempt over the same issue and barred from office. There has been a long-running standoff between the government and the judiciary in Pakistan. Observers fear the tussle could lead to further political instability. Read Article

Mongolia’s ex-president found guilty of corruption, sentenced to 4 years in jail

Washington Post – Mongolia’s former president was sentenced to four years in jail for corruption and the ill-gotten proceeds of his dealings were ordered confiscated, Chinese state media said Friday. Xinhua News Agency said a court in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, convicted Nambar Enkhkbayar on Thursday after a three-day trial and gave him a seven-year sentence with three years pardoned. Read Article

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Afghan finance minister faces corruption investigation

Reuters – Afghanistan’s top anti-corruption chief said on Thursday the finance minister’s business affairs will be investigated after accusations aired on Afghan television that he stashed away more than $1 million in overseas banks. Hazarat Omar Zakhilwal, championed by international donors for his integrity in a country mired in graft, over the past five years had transferred the money to accounts in Canada, according Afghanistan’s largest commercial TV channel, Tolo TV. Read Article

Italian Police Raid Barclays Over Rate-Fixing

Sky – Italian police have taken documents from a Barclays office in Milan as part of a probe into possible Euribor rate manipulation, according to Reuters. It said the raid occurred as regulators investigated fixing fears of the eurozone equivalent of the scandal-hit, London-based Libor inter-bank lending rate. The search was ordered by prosecutors in the southern city of Trani, who have opened a criminal probe into the possible manipulation of the Euribor rate. Read Article

Four sentenced to death for Iran’s biggest bank fraud

Al Arabiya – An Iranian court has sentenced four people to death for their roles in a billion-dollar banking fraud scandal that forced bank executives out of their jobs and tainted the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, state media reported on Monday. The sentences came at the end of a trial of 39 suspects that started in February. The magnitude of the scandal was estimated at $2.6 billion when it came to light in September last year. Read Article

China waste water pipeline scrapped after protest

BBC – Demonstrators took to the streets of the city, north of Shanghai, and ransacked local government offices. They said the pipeline, proposed as part of a paper-making company, would pollute their coastal waters. China has seen rising anger about environmental damage after three decades of rapid economic growth. The thousands of protesters overturned cars as well as storming the local government offices and throwing documents from the windows. Items which the protesters allege are often received as bribes by officials – such as wine – were also seized from the offices, reports say. Read article

Prince Andrew’s former model girlfriend linked to probe into Barclays staff over £12 billion deals with Qatar sheikhs

Daily Mail – Barclays is being investigated over £12billion of investment from Middle East royals that saved it from being nationalised. The bank – already reeling from a string of scandals – admitted that City watchdogs were looking at four of its employees, including finance chief Chris Lucas. The Financial Services Authority is concerned about massive investments made in Barclays by the royal families of Qatar and Abu Dhabi during the depths of the banking crisis in 2008. Read Article

Australian women were thalidomide guinea pigs, report says

Herald Sun – Australian women were used in world-first trials of the notorious morning sickness pill thalidomide before it was tested on animals, it has been reported. Documents from thalidomide distributor Distillers Company (Biochemicals) show Australian women were used in trials of its drug Distaval in 1960, Fairfax reports. Read article

Singapore Law Professor in Sex-for-Grades Corruption Case

Bloomberg – National University of Singapore associate professor of law Tey Tsun Hang was charged with corruption for allegedly trading better grades for sex with a female student. The student gave Tey, 41, a Mont Blanc pen, two tailored shirts, an Apple Inc. iPod Touch and had sex with him twice, according to a charge sheet filed today at the Subordinate Courts of Singapore. Tey, who was suspended by the university, said he would contest the charges. Read Article