Libya: Benghazi police chief assassinated

Libya: Benghazi police chief assassinated

BBC – Farraj al-Dursi was targeted outside his home in a drive-by shooting. Col Dursi was appointed shortly after an attack on the US consulate in the September in which the US ambassador and three other Americans died. More than a dozen security officers have been assassinated this year in Benghazi, where the uprising against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s rule began. Read article

Protesters, police clash in Cairo

CNN – Violence flared in central Cairo on Monday as protesters threw Molotov cocktails at police, who responded in kind. The protesters are angry at the government and the Muslim Brotherhood, a popular Islamist movement. They rallied near Tahrir Square, near the parliament building, just a block from the Interior Ministry. Read article

Four men arrested in California on terrorism charges

Reuters – Four men in southern California have been arrested and charged with providing material support to terrorists, the FBI said on Monday. The men planned to join al Qaeda and to engage in “violent jihad,” according to the FBI. It said Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, traveled to Afghanistan and planned to introduce the other men to his al Qaeda contacts. Read Article

Spanish police protest govt cuts hitting them

AP – Police officers from across Spain are protesting the government austerity measures affecting them, including frozen pensions and the elimination of their Christmas bonus. More than 5,000 people paraded Saturday to the Interior Ministry building in Madrid, blowing whistles and shouting slogans. Jose Maria Benito, a spokesman for Spain’s Unified Police Union, said “we are here to tell the government that security has to be its priority.” Read article

Revelations In Online Facial Recognition

Police Oracle – Ground-breaking biometric research has shown that the freely available facial recognition search engines used by social networking sites such as Facebook and Picasa are as accurate as some specialist biometric systems sold to government agencies, such as police forces. Michael Thieme, director of special projects for the International Biometric Group in the US, revealed the results of the research at the Biometrics 2012 conference in London in October. The study looked at detection rates and the accuracy of grouping and tagging of images on social networking engines. Read Article

Australia: Taser death cops thuggish, says coroner

The Australian – The “thuggish” killing of a harmless Brazilian student, who was tasered 14 times by police in a Sydney street, has prompted a review of Taser use in NSW after the state coroner slammed the “reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful” actions of the officers who led the fatal attack. Roberto Laudisio Curti, 21, who was wanted for stealing two packets of biscuits in the CBD, died within minutes of being tasered to the ground, sprayed with three cans of capsicum spray, and pinned by “half a tonne” of police shortly after 6am on March 18. Read Article

Shocked boy, 14, heats debate

The Australian – A fourteen-year old Aboriginal boy who was tasered twice by police while on his knees was subsequently charged with resisting arrest. The charges were dismissed because police had failed to advise the boy he was under arrest. The case of the boy, from the NSW mid-north coast town of Kempsey, is the third to trigger calls for charges against officers who allegedly misuse their Tasers. The boy was tasered on January 2 last year after being identified as an aggressor in a fight at Crescent Head. Police chased him into a caravan park, where he hid underneath a caravan. Read Article

Police should face action over Taser death: coroner

ABC – The New South Wales coroner has handed down damning findings against police who acted “like schoolboys in Lord of the Flies” as they tasered a Brazilian student in Sydney’s CBD earlier this year. Roberto Laudisio Curti died after police fired Tasers at him 14 times – seven of them within 51 seconds – following a chase in the early hours of March 18. Handing down her findings today, coroner Mary Jerram said the actions of police were reckless and excessive, and constituted an abuse of police power. And she strongly recommended that disciplinary action be taken against five officers involved in the fatal confrontation. Read Article

Petraeus case shows FBI’s authority to read email

Associated Press – Your emails are not nearly as private as you think. The downfall of CIA Director David Petraeus demonstrates how easy it is for federal law enforcement agents to examine emails and computer records if they believe a crime was committed. With subpoenas and warrants, the FBI and other investigating agencies routinely gain access to electronic inboxes and information about email accounts offered by Google, Yahoo and other Internet providers. Read Article

Poland Independence Day march turns violent

BBC – Some of an estimated 20,000 marchers threw fireworks and bricks at police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. A police spokesman said two officers were injured and several protesters were detained. Thousands of police had been deployed to prevent the march turning violent. Read article

Police competence questioned in neo-Nazi case

DW – Suspected neo-Nazi terrorist Beate Zschäpe has been charged with murder. But accusations are also being made against authorities in Germany. Criticism includes claims of racism, missing documents and empty promises. Alleged far-right extremist Beate Zschäpe has been charged with murder. Along with having helped found a terrorist organization in Germany, she has also been charged with complicity in 10 murders, 15 bank robberies and a bomb attack, according to state prosecutor Harald Range, who announced the charges on Thursday (8.11.2012). Read Article

Australia to investigate church sex abuse

Aljazeera – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a national inquiry into the Catholic church’s responses to child sex abuse after a series of scandals involving paedophile priests. Gillard made the announcement on Monday in the wake of claims by a senior policeman that a Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales destroyed evidence and silenced investigations. “There have been too many revelations of adults who have averted their eyes from this evil,” Gillard said. “I believe in these circumstances that it is appropriate for there to be a national response through a royal commission.” Read Article

‘Creeping Big Brother State’ – New Anti-Crime Cameras Being Installed Downtown

CBSLA.com — Officials said 38 anti-crime cameras will soon be installed in downtown Los Angeles. In the coming weeks, this new equipment will replace cameras which have been broken or failing for years. Andrea Fujii, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the cameras should make streets safer. She spoke with Jennifer Otto, co-owner of Wax Candy, a downtown business. With dozens of female clients, her store put a premium on safety for staffers and patrons coming in and out of her Fashion District business. Read Article

Anger as Government plans for new network of road tolls policed by cameras revealed

Daily Mail – Motorists will be expected to pay a new round of pay-as-you-drive charges under plans being drawn up by the Government and councils, it has been claimed. Proposals already exist for three new tolling schemes under which, like London’s Congestion Charge, drivers will have to pay online or via their mobile phone. But ministers plan to roll out more similar schemes, according to the small print of a tender document drawn up by the Highways Agency. Read Article

‘Dark’ motive: FBI seeks signs of carrier roadblocks to surveillance

CNet – The FBI has tried to bolster its case for expanded Internet surveillance powers by gathering finger-pointing examples of how communications companies have stymied government agencies, CNET has learned. An internal Homeland Security report shows that a working group convened by an FBI office in Chantilly, Va. requested details about “investigations have been negatively impacted” by companies’ delays, partial compliance, or inability to comply with police surveillance requests. Read Article

Armored truck with cameras will roam St. Pete neighborhoods

FOX 13 – Coming soon to a St. Petersburg neighborhood near you: an armored truck that you cannot miss and that cannot miss you, at least not with the four cameras mounted behind bullet-resistant glass, pointed in all four directions. The exterior is wrapped in an industrial design featuring very large eyeballs and the words “St. Petersburg Police,” all in the department’s green and gold colors. “This is exactly what I wanted,” city council member Karl Nurse declared, after watching Major Jorges Sotolongo pull up the cameras images on an iPad, “It’s high profile enough you put it in a drug location or a prostitution location and it will discourage the customers from coming, they’ll just keep moving.” Read Article

Child fingerprinting now available at two Canadian locations

Biometric Update – Operation Kidsafe has announced its second permanent child fingerprinting location in Canada. The service provides parents with a biometric profile of their children for their safety. The Kidsafe system produces an identification profile of a child which only parents receive. Parents can then hand over that profile, which includes a photograph, to law enforcement officials if their child ever goes missing. Safety tips and education to children is also provided. Operation Kidsafe has profiled over one million children in North America during the past 11 years. Now the program will have a location in Toronto area at the Don Valley North Toyota Scion car dealership. Read Article

Mexico police charged over US embassy staff shooting

BBC – Fourteen Mexican police officers have been charged with attempted murder over the shooting of two US government officials and a Mexican marine. The three were wounded in August, when federal police officers opened fire on their diplomatic car near the town of Tres Marias, leaving their car riddled with 150 bullet holes. At first, Mexican officials said it was a case of mistaken identity. Prosecutors have since said they think it may have been a targeted attack. Read Article

Top cop not convinced on abuse inquiry powers

ABC – The senior policeman whose allegations have sparked a special commission of inquiry into claims of a police cover-up of church sex abuse in NSW says he is not yet convinced it will be powerful enough to bring about justice. NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell today announced the inquiry after Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox went public with claims that his investigations in the Hunter Valley had been hampered by interference from within the police force and by the Catholic Church. Read Article

German court checks anti-terror data retention laws

DW – Germany’s highest court has begun an examination of the country’s anti-terror data retention law, to see if it complies with the constitution. The rules will be assessed, and perhaps altered, in the coming months. As verbal debate on the issue got underway at Germany’s Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe on Monday, the judges aired concerns that the criteria regarding whose data could be retained was too. The law, which was passed in 2006 and implemented in 2007, allows for police and Germany’s intelligence agencies to collect and save information on terror suspects and those thought to be supporting them into a terror suspect database. Read Article

Microsoft provides fusion center technology and funding for surveillance

Network World – The ACLU’s Privacy SOS presented a great article about why “it’s time to pull the plug on fusion centers!” While it’s well-known that Microsoft has a great and long-standing relationship with government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, Privacy SOS pointed out the interesting tidbit that Microsoft helps pay for fusions centers. Fusion Centers, in turn, give out grants to police departments for new surveillance technologies. Read Article

Amnesty: Malawi suspends anti-gay laws

CNN – Malawi is shelving its laws against homosexuality pending a vote on whether to repeal them, a rights group said, a bold move in a continent that mostly criminalizes such relationships. The justice minister said the laws are suspended and police cannot arrest or prosecute homosexuals until parliament votes, Amnesty International said in a statement Monday. Same-sex relationships are illegal in the southern Africa nation and carry a penalty of up to 14 years in prison. In 2010, Malawi made international headlines when it arrested two men for getting married. The two were later pardoned after an international outcry. Read Article

Tortured to death by Putin’s jackboot state: Inside the rat-infested Gestapo-like Russian prison where eight guards beat lawyer who exposed Moscow’s gangster regime

Daily Mail – I was eating brunch in the fifth-floor restaurant at Harvey Nichols in late October 2009 when we got the first warning, by text. It had been sent from Russia, but the sentiment was American Mafia: ‘If history has taught us anything, it is that anyone can be killed,’ a quote from Don Michael Corleone in The Godfather. We were in no doubt about its meaning. I was safely in London with the rest of my team. But my Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was not. He had been arrested in Moscow a year earlier on trumped-up charges by the Russian Interior Ministry after exposing a major government corruption scandal. I was worried, and with good reason. Read Article

Kuwaiti security forces use tear gas at rally

Aljazeera – Kuwaiti riot police have used stun grenades, tear gas and smoke bombs against thousands of demonstrators who blocked a major road south of the capital. Thousands of opposition supporters planned a rally to protest against a new electoral law on Sunday. The country’s security forces completely sealed off the original protest site in Kuwait City, so organisers told supporters via Twitter to gather instead at Mishref, about 20km south of the capital. Although most roads leading to the new location were quickly closed off by police, thousands of people still managed to get through and immediately started marching. Read Article